Sunday, November 9, 2008

Welcome to 6th Grade

****Sorry for the delay in getting these posts uploaded. I promise I will get you caught up!***

Year: 1997
Age: 12
Grade: 6th

Sixth grade marked the end of my acting career. I had the role of Candy in the church play Pop. Candy and the Christmastime Travelers. I may not be looking my best, but my younger sister Kara is definitely in her cute stage!

I LOVE big houses! That's one of the reasons why I chose to live in the sorority house for 3 years during college. I mean, I probably will never be able to live in a house of that size again. My love for big houses is probably why one of my favorite places in the US is the Biltmore House. My family visited the summer after 6th grade. I loved putting on the little headphones and listening about each of the rooms. I hear that they have opened up another wing of the house recently...anybody up for a weekend trip? Here's a photo of me taken in the Biltmore Gardens. For those of you keeping up with my clothing, I will have you know that this dress was STYLISH when back then...I got it from The Limited! In fact, I also had a khaki dress and a red dress just like it!

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