Thursday, November 13, 2008

Movin on up...sophomore year

Year: 2001
Age: 16
Grade: 10th

One of the things I loved most about being from a small town is that everything centers around the schools. My school had a great athletic program, so the town was especially interested in the sports aspect of the school. As I've mentioned before, we have won quite a few state championships in football. I was in school for two of those...the first of which occured my sophomore year. Here we are in my first period class the day after the victory. Though some of my friends were a little upset that the Superintendent didn't cancel school that day, I thought it was fun to spend the day at the school reveling in the excitement together.

The Smith girls took a trip to NYC over Christmas. We hit all the sights and wanted to finish off the trip with a visit to the Today Show. We made really cute signs out of some of our shopping bags and just knew we would be selected for a quick crowd interview. Imagine our excitement when we arrived around 5:00 Christmas morning and NOBODY was there. We had our pick of where to stand. We debated for about 15 minutes, thinking back to the "usual" crowd shots and trying to find those places. Oddily enough, we were still the only people there at 5:45. We found out why when a friendly police officer stopped by to say hello and informed us that the Today Show was pre-recorded on Christmas. It may not have the national reach that the Today Show does, but I figured if I posted the pic on the blog, at least a few people would be able to see our crative handiwork!

Growing up, I was pretty much a rule follower. I broke out of the sophomore year. Here's the proof. Do you see the huge smile on my face?!?! At the time, I thought climbing on the bus and taking a picture was so rebellious.

I will NEVER forget dying my friend Josh's hair during a church retreat. When you grow up in a small town, you learn to have fun in creative ways. Usually that consisted of wandering the halls of Wal-Mart, eating with friends at the local Mexican restaurant or hanging out in parking lots. However, this particular time we decided if would be fun to color Josh's hair red. The only problem was the bottle said it was not for blondes. He was a great sport and didn't even get too angry when we revealed his carrot red hair. It's still up for debate if his mother has ever forgiven us for ruining her son's hair. Since that fateful episode, his hair has never really been the same.

Don't worry...looks like we're still friends.

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Ashleigh Speir said...

It sounds like you were quite the rebel. Remind me not to let my children around you when I have them. I really don't want them taking pictures on buses. Nope, no heathens around my kids. ;)