Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh, Happy Wednesday

This day has been filled with so many good things that I have to share. It's just what I needed! Today I am thankful list format because I've got about 10 meetings tomorrow and I've got to get myself to bed...

  • A quick 30 minute baby-sitting job. Technically, I didn't even see a baby the whole time I was there, but that's not the point. One of the things I love most about my job is that I can pretty much work from anywhere. When a mom sent me an email asking if I could come over for a little bit so she could run something to her church without having to wake her son, I was delighted to be able to help. It makes me happy to be thought of and to be able to help.
  • Lunch with my bestest friend, Natalie. I still can't believe that she is about to be a mommy! As we visited today, I couldn't help but think in just a few weeks we will have another person joining us on our lunch dates!
  • WONDERFUL meeting with a new client to talk about fun Bid Day stuff. I LOVE my job...even when I'm so busy that I can't think straight. Today I was reminded how thankful I am that I enjoy what I do.
  • Impromptu dinner with a special Birmingham family. I met the Andersons about a month after I moved to Alabama and what a blessing they have been from the beginning. I have the privilege of doing a bible study with the 6th grader of the family, Emily, so I get to see them pretty much each week. Mexican dinner with Meg, Emily and Thomas was the perfect way to end a busy day.
  • Reading this post by my blog friend Lindsee totally made me smile. I agree with her 110%!
  • ROOMMATE CRISIS IS OVER!!! WOOHOO!! Long story super short, within 15 minutes, I heard from 2 different people about someone that was moving to Birmingham in May and didn't know anybody. I chatted with her tonight and all looks good for her to move in. Thank you, Lord!! I was really dreading having to pack up my stuff, but even more dreading having to move away from these precious families that I get to baby-sit for and do life with.
God is putting together pieces and answering prayers right and left. I pray that I will continue to have my eyes open for ways that He is moving.

It Is Wells

I just LOVE it when God outdoes Himself. It happens a lot, but this past weekend, He REALLY outdid Himself! Last Saturday, my sweet friend, Amy, became a Wells when she married her man, Clayton, and He provided the perfect weekend to celebrate the marriage of an incredibly special couple. I've been trying to figure out how to explain it in words, but it's just impossible...there are just too many details that I love about their marriage. But, the thing is, even though my words won't do it justice, I have to share a few of my favorite things...

  • The family dynamics--Never in my life have I seen two families that mesh as well as the Pettigrew and Wells families do. The rehearsal dinner was filed with examples and thank yous for the way each side has welcomed the other. It goes way beyond like...these families truly love each other.
  • The location--They got married at Rosemary Beach and had the ceremony and reception on the Eastern Green overlooking the beach. Pottery Barn should have been there to take pictures because it looked like something that would be in their magazine. It was hands down the most beautiful and laid back wedding I have ever had the chance to be a part of...and totally messed with my dreams of having a big church wedding!!
  • The ceremony--Simple and incredibly sweet. I actually sat on the grooms' side and so it made it really easy to see his face when he first saw Amy (pretty much one of my favorite part of weddings) and to see Amy as she said her vows. Top that off with a reading from one of John and Stasi Eldredge's books and you've got yourself a wedding ceremony for the books!
  • The reception--hands down, the most fun reception I have ever been to. The food was delicious--yummy sushi and oysters were my favorites--and the band that was there to help us dance the night away was phenomenal! Everyone was dancing, and when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE. My little group and I danced the entire time...even to the iPod that they played during their break. I seriously think that my friends and I only sat out for the first three songs, and that's only because we were eating!
  • Mother/Son dance--There wasn't a dry eye in sight! One of the sweetest dances I have ever seen...definitely in my top 5 of all time!

That's enough rambling...on to the pictures so you can see the beautiful bride. :)

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Wells

I met Leslie when I worked at Chick-fil-A. In fact, she was the first Marketing employee that spoke to me on my first day. Loved getting to catch with her over the weekend!

Isn't this one of the prettiest you've ever seen? I LOVED it!

Claudia demonstrating her spiritual gift of make-up applying while Feemster watches in the back, patiently waiting to demonstrate her spiritual gift of dancing. :)

With the beautiful bride

Quick break from dancing for a group shot with the bride

There's something about new friends that just makes me happy. This was my favorite brand new friend of the weekend. She was the best MOHA (maid of honor assistant) I have ever seen...and if she doesn't call me when she comes to Birmingham this summer, she will be in DEEP trouble!

All smiles at the end of the night. What a great way to celebrate SBX!!

Dearest Amy,

I have relived your special weekend over and over again and each time I think about you being married, I smile. It has been so encouraging to watch you and Clayton over the past few years. I'm so thankful that God allowed for our paths to cross in time for me me to watch the relationship grow and develop from the beginning. You are much loved, sweet MARRIED friend...and your hubby is much loved, too! wishes...let the forever begin!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Harriet!

If you follow me on twitter, then you know last Thursday was a big day. My Honda Accord..AKA Harriet...turned 100,000 miles. I celebrated with a road trip to the beach. True, the trip was pre-planned to celebrate the wedding of one of my favorite couples, but Harriet didn't mind.

The big celebration will come next week when she gets her 100,000 mile tune-up and a thorough detailing. Pretty sure after it's all said and done it will be the most money I've ever spent on a birthday present!

Monday, March 15, 2010

it's good

Last Thursday, my sweet friend Whitney, wrote a post about things that made her week good. I loved that idea. I mean, even if you don't have a great week, you can always find a few things to be happy about, right?

I actually had a wonderful week, but it was still a good thing to sit and remember some of my favorites.

  • Kids. Kids. Kids. They make every week better. I'm so thankful for all of the families that welcome me into their home.
  • Shower invitations. A few posts ago, I mentioned that I'm helping plan a baby shower for my bestest friend Natalie's baby. The shower invitations came in the mail this past week. As I held that invitation, I was overcome with emotion. Happy emotion. My best friend is about to be a mommy and I can hardly wait!!
  • Organization. It's no secret that I enjoy organizing closets. It's getting time for spring around here, so I spent the better part of one night switching my winter and summer clothes. Then I took three bags of clothes to donate. LOVE the feeling of a freshly organized closet!
  • A mid-week trip to Tuscaloosa. There are so many things that I love about my job, but I'm so thankful that it gives me the opportunity to go to one of my favorite places so frequently. This trip was extra special because I got to spend a few hours with some of my favorite girls, Addie and Carley.
  • Girls day/night. All of my schools are on spring break this week, so last Friday was the beginning of a mini spring break for me. Abby joined me on Saturday for a relaxing day/night before I dropped her off at the airport Sunday morning. We didn't do anything super special, but that's what made it so special.
  • Breakfast date. I'm a morning person, so breakfast dates work really well for me. One of my oldest friends---by years, not age---and I met for breakfast today. Laurie is a nurse and works the night shift, so we met after she got off. It was perfect. A great way to start off the day...and week!
  • House-sitting. My Aunt, Uncle and cousins are out of town for a few days enjoying spring break, so I get to enjoy time at their home. It feels like vacation! Lots of movies. Long walks. Great sleep...their guest bed is SO COMFY!
This last week was good...and with a trip to the beach and a wedding on tap for this week, it looks like this week is going to be a good one too.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Blog Dream Come True

I read my first blog about three years ago and was sucked in almost immediately. Over the years, I have added hundreds of blogs to my google reader, and though I may not always be good at consistently writing, I am always consistent with my reading.

About a year or so into my blog reading, I came across a blog that I loved immediately. I was drawn to the family with 4 children(they now have 5 and are in the process of adopting number 6). I loved her writing style and that she lived in the south. I was delighted when I moved in August because I knew that she, like I, would be in the Birmingham area. I was hopeful that one day I would run into her.

Well, that didn't happen...but something even better did. After getting up the courage to post a comment on her blog offering to baby-sit for her children so she could go on a date with her hubby, I got an almost immediate response...and an invite to come have dinner and meet the family.

Yesterday was the day. I walked in the door and I tell you, I felt like I was in a dream world. These faces that I had grown to love through the blog-world were real.

Ok...timeout. I realize I still haven't mentioned the name of the blog family. Any guesses?

If you guessed The Vitafamiliae, then you are correct!

The kids were beyond well mannered, cute as they could be and absolutely precious. As Sam blessed our meal, tears filled my eyes while listening to the sincerity. No cookie cutter "God is great" for this guy! If you've read her blog for long, you probably know that she says she doesn't cook fancy things, but let me tell you, the meal was delicious--chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans, homemade bread, homemade cookies...and even a muffin to take home for breakfast this morning!

It was a delightful evening filled with dress up, blog talk, laughter, cuddling, kitchen talk, baking and just family activity.

Many thanks to the Vitafam for having me over. Looking forward to doing it again!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What Am I Doing?

I've been coming across this little thing a lot lately...decided after reading Laura's that I would do it myself.

Seeing // bags that need to be unpacked and organized

Reading // Beth Moore's latest...So Long Insecurity and since it's totally wrecking my world, a little Karen Kingsbury---Shades of Blue

Listening // Kari Jobe...the CD is pretty much on repeat these days

Traveling // is over for a little while. Thank goodness...the past two weeks I could barely keep track!!

Praying // constantly. for people I know well...and people I don't know at all.

Planning // a baby shower for my best friend Natalie :)

Wearing // jeans and a geneologie hoodie

Anticipating // lots of lunch and dinner dates with friends and family this week

Loving // that it is finally March!

Watching // the emails flood in...time for my break to be over!