Friday, October 31, 2008

One day 'til November!

Only one more day until my favorite month! I absolutely LOVE November!

Reason 1: Long-sleeved t-shirts
Reason 2: Football
Reason 3: Birthday Month

I think those are reasons enough to pick November as my favorite month--don't you? To celebrate, I am making the commitment to post EVERY DAY during the month of November. You may not think that sounds like a celebration, but just wait. November 1-November 20 (the day before my birthday) my posts will be filled with memories AND pictures from the last 23 years of my life...I assure you, you don't want to miss a day. Well, maybe you can skip the middle school years. :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Life has been fantabulous as of are a few reasons why:

1----More Bloggy Buddies: My friend Ashleigh and I have been doing quite a big of recruiting and I am so excited to welcome my friends Christen and Kelly into the blog world. Check their blogs out. There's a little something for everybody! Hopefully Katie, Cason and Noel will be joining soon as well!

2----You Can Vote However You Like: I’ve been over the whole election scene for at least a month now. It pretty much depresses me every time I turn on the TV. So, when Sara sent me this link, I wasn’t too enthused. My mood changed the moment the video started playing. Check it out!

3----Homecoming at The Capstone: Fall was always my favorite season when I was in college. I love the football season…especially homecoming. This year is extra special because one of my favorite people in the entire world, Patty Ann Green, is on Homecoming Court. Congrats, sweet friend! You’ve done so much for The University and are definitely deserving of the honor!

4----NOVEMBER is almost here! November is my FAVORITE month! I was thinking about that on my way into work this morning and thought of something fun to do in order to celebrate it. Get ready readers…it’s going to be fun!

Sorry for the scattered thoughts...I've got to do better at updating this thing!

Friday, October 24, 2008

See ya in Oxford

Spon-ta-ne-ous: \spän-ˈtā--əs\ adjective - arising from a momentary impulse

I'm not spontaneous by nature, but every now and then the urge strikes to throw the plan out the window. It seems that urge has been bubbling up when my bestest friend and her fabulous fiance' called tonight to ask if I wanted to meet them in Oxford for dinner, I quickly hopped in the car. Now, Oxford is only about an hour and twenty minutes from my house....a far cry from the five hour one way drive to New Orleans that I took in college for some beignets....but still, it was an impulse trip nonetheless.

Being spontaneous can be exhilarating...and in the case of this particular spontaneous trip, quite rewarding. :) So, even though my mantra is usually "I'll be spontaneous, just tell me when" today I'm encouraging you to throw the planner out the window and do something on impulse. You're sure to make some memories that you won't soon forget.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Shared Love

Isn't it fun when you see people that you love grow to love something that you love? I love it when that happens. It's even more exciting when they love someone that you love. My sister sent me some photos the other day and when I got to this one, tears began to well up in my eyes.

Yes, it's my niece and I love her to death...but the tears well up because the young lady that is holding her is special to me as well. I began baby-sitting her when she was just a girl and I've had the privelage of watching her grow into a beautiful young lady that I love and respect. It warms my heart to see her loving on my niece. In return, my niece loves Miss Kayla...just like me!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Glad to be a renter

We had some water damage in our kitchen. A prior leak had allowed water to seep through the tile and caused quite a bit of damage. Someone came by to look at it last week and we set up an appointment for the floor to be fixed this week. I walked in on Monday morning and this is what the living room and kitchen looked like. So glad that I am a renter and not an owner!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cutest niece...EVER

My sister just sent me some photos of my prescious niece. It's amazing how much older she becomes with each passing day. Kids are such a blessing. Thank you, Lord, for blessing our family with Miss Emma Kate!

Have you ever seen a cuter 2 1/2 year old? I didn't think so :)

Practicing her cheers
I remember asking my Dad for food at football games and never receiving any. Hmm...
Cile, Emma Kate, and Grandaddy at the Bama game

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy October!

Unlike most people, I actually enjoy change. Change signifies the start of something new. I love new things! So, I decided that my blog needed to get a little update. More fun gadgets on the side and a background that makes me smile. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy October...Happy Fall!

Monday, October 6, 2008

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah...Boston is my favorite!

Hands down, Boston is my favorite city! Sure, it helped that one of my favorite people in the world lives there and served as a fabulous tour guide, but I LOVED it! Everyhing was better in Boston...even the Starbucks! It really is too bad that in a few weeks it is going flippin freezing because that means I won't be returning until the weather warms up in May. I don't do cold weather.

I was only really in Bean Town for two days, but if you look at all of the things we did, you would think I was there for two weeks. We were on the go from the time I landed. Somehoe I managed to make my way from the airport into town via the T. Friday night we took a mini walking tour of the area and spent most of our time in the North End and near Fenway. The highlight of the night was most definitely the trip to Mike's Pastry for a chocolate chip cannoli and hot chocolate.

I LOVE this picture! I think this is at the precise moment when Sara was telling me "This is my city." She was quite excited that I was in love with the place that she now calls home.

Day 2: Eveybody knows that breakfast is the most imporatnt meal of the day. So, we walked over to Harvard Square for a delicious breakfast at Z Square. We walked off the calorie-laden meal as we ventured to Beacon Hill, Copley Square, Quincey Market, the Boston Garden, Boston Public Library (aka...BPL) and Newbury Street. Next to breakfast, the most important meal is SNACK. Sara made an excellent choice by leading us to Sweet...a fabulous little place that sells cupcakes and only cupcakes. Absolutely delightful! After our little sweet, we did a little more walking and ended up at a market where we got cheese and crackers to eat while watching the boats travel up and down the wharf. We finished off the night with a big group of Sara's friends...cheering the Vanderbilt Comodores to a big win over Auburn. :)

One final picture before I end this post. This one is from my last day in Boston. We made the trek to an open air market in the South End. They had all kinds of great, art, clothes, food :) It was a great way to end the weekend. Here's a picture of me with the best tour guide ever and her new friend...Carly. :) Love ya, girls! Can't wait 'til May!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Gettin' my pack on

After almost 6 weeks of waiting....I'm getting on a plane today to go visit my best buddy in Boston! I'm sure Sholcomb is going to have tons of fun things for me to do. Right now, the only thing I know that I'm going to ride the T to meet her :) Can't wait to see you, buddy. More on Boston when I get back next week.