Friday, June 27, 2008

The great squeeze debate

This post was prompted by a recent encounter that I had with my toothpaste tube. As I picked up the tube to squeeze a bit onto my toothbrush, I noticed that the tube was quite crinkly. This was odd to me because my tube is usually quite uniform--I squeeze from the bottom. This crinkly tube could only mean one thing--the person who used the toothpaste last squeezed from the middle. It made me wonder, where do most people squeeze? So I ask you squeeze from the middle or from the bottom?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I love my DTSF!

For those of you that don't make it a habit of talking in acronyms, DTSF stands for Down The Street Friend. Just as the title suggests, I have one, and I flippin love her. I found out two weeks ago that Miss Katie Conway lives in my little neighborhood and it's pretty much been a party ever since. I didn't grow up with lots of kids in my neighborhood, so being able to walk up and down the street to each other's houses is a new thing for me...and it's GREAT! It's not like we do wild and crazy things...sometimes it's dinner and venting, other times a little TV or facebook stalking. It doesn't really matter what we're doing, it's just fun to have a DTSF! But gets better. She and I also work at the same place. So she is also my DTHF. Come on, try to figure it out for yourself first. If you guessed Down The Hall Friend, you are correct. A DTSF and a DTHF all in doesn't get much better than that. Especially when the friend part of the acronym is Katie Conway!

Many thanks to the Man upstairs for sending a friend just when I needed one.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A tribute to Dad

I had the opportunity to hear two fabulous Father's Day messages Johnson Ferry and Buckhead Church. While the messages were different, they both reminded me how blessed I am to have the Dad that I have. I've learned so many things from my Dad through the years. I could never list them all, but here is the short list.
  • Be committed to The Lord first, your mate second and your family third.
  • Take time to invest in others.
  • If you want something, chase hard after it.
  • Always be on the lookout for ways to help others.
  • You can save a lot of money if you run the air on 78 in the summer!
  • Your life is not just about you. Likewise, your actions effect more than just you.
More than all of the lessons I've learned, I'm thankful for a Dad that loves me unconditionally. It is through that unconditional love I am able to start to understand the love that my Heavenly Father has for me. Wow. Amazing. I pray that as I grow up, I will become a woman that both of my Fathers are proud of, and that when people look at my life that it will be a refletion of all of the good they have taught me. I love you, Dad!

Father's Eyes

I may not be every mothers dream for her little girl,
And my face may not grace the mind of everyone in the world.
But thats all right, as long as I can have one wish I pray:
When people look inside my life, I want to hear them say,

Shes got her fathers eyes,
Her fathers eyes;
Eyes that find the good in things,
When good is not around;
Eyes that find the source of help,
When help just cant be found;
Eyes full of compassion,
Seeing every pain;
Knowing what youre going through
And feeling it the same.
Just like my fathers eyes,
My fathers eyes,
My fathers eyes,
Just like my fathers eyes.

And on that day when we will pay for all the deeds we have done,
Good and bad theyll all be had to see by everyone.
And when youre called to stand and tell just what you saw in me,
More than anything I know, I want your words to be,

She had her fathers eyes,
Her fathers eyes;
Eyes that found the good in things,
When good was not around;
Eyes that found the source of help,
When help would not be found;
Eyes full of compassion,
Seeing every pain;
Knowing what youre going through,
And feeling it the same.
Just like my fathers eyes,
My fathers eyes,
My fathers eyes,
Just like my fathers eyes.
My fathers eyes,
My fathers eyes,
Just like my fathers eyes.

Don't have a pic of me with's hard because he is always the one taking the pictures. I'm making it a goal for the next year to get more pictures with him, but until then...this recent of picture of his girls will have to suffice.

Friday, June 13, 2008

What's your PIN??

I consider myself to be pretty technologically savvy. I mean, I don't claim to know everything about technology, but I'm pretty up-to-date. However, until tonight, I had no clue what the PIN number was for in my Blackberry. At first I thought it was like a serial number, but that didn't explain the reason that PIN was an option of things to record for a new contact. Thanks to my new best friend, Scott, I not only know what the PIN is for, I know how to use it and LOVE IT!

For those of you that were like me with no real insight into the PIN, get ready for something fun. Basically, if you have someone's PIN number, you can chat with them. It's like texing, but better, because there are no charges and it files all of your conversations so nicely in the Blackberry Messenger application. So, for all you Blackberry folks, send me your PIN so we can chat!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Get A Room

Have you ever had the chance to travel alone? I travel for work about 25% of the time, so my “alone travel” has increased substantially in the past year. I love the travel and I’ve leaned so much. While all the aspects of travel provide a learning experience—the flying, eating meals alone, navigating an unfamiliar area—I think I’ve learned most about me in the hotel room. I like hotels for so many reasons—they make the bed and wash the linens for you, room service, fitness rooms, hot breakfasts, daily paper—I enjoy the little extras. However, it’s not those things that get me excited about the opportunity for overnight travel. I get excited because I know that I am guaranteed to have time for me. I can watch TV, read, journal, pray, talk on the phone, order room service…and I’m not bothering anyone! I am energized after those nights alone. I’m sure it sounds hokey, but I think it’s because I’ve had the chance to connect with me again.

Challenge for the day: Schedule a trip for you and only you, even if it is only for one night at a hotel down the street. I bet you will learn a lot about you.