Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ABC about ME ME ME

I have a BIG Greek test tomorrow.  So, the blog is getting some love.

My friend, Lindsee, was the first to do this yesterday...and then I found out that lots of people love Lindsee too, because my reader had lots of posts with people copying her.

So, here it is..Lindsey in ABC format...

A. Age: 26...savoring every last minute of it before the next birthday

B. Bed Size: Full...I'd be perfectly fine with a twin though because I don't move.

C. Chore that you hate: Dusting...or any kind of yardwork.  Thankfully, my roommate and I have a yard boy.  Who knows, one of these days we may just get a maid, too!

D. Dogs: None here, but one at my parents house named Maggie

E. Essential start to your day: Ok.  This is a little embarrassing.  Every morning, without fail, I start the day by saying "It's going to be a great day!" I've done it every day since my senior year of high school when our high school football coach encouraged us to do it.

F. Favorite color: Hmm...I LOVE color.  Blue is probably my all time favorite...just can't pair it with orange!

G. Gold or Silver:  Both.  Just not at the same time!

H. Height: 5'8'....technically it's almost 5'9", but I like 5'8" better

I. Instruments you play: The piano...but only the treble cleff and the French Horn.

J. Job Title: Sales Manager...and full time student

K. Kids: None of my own, but plenty that I would claim as my own!!

L. Live: Alabama.  Love this sweet state and my current home in Birmingham.

M. Mother's name: the same as my middle name...Robin

N. Nicknames: hmmm...the typical ones are Linds, Lindzi, Lindzers, Linrobsmi...but then you have the odd ones that I acquired through the years: Bob and Corn top that list.  I won't mention the millions that my younger sister has for me.

O. Overnight hospital stays: summer before first grade when I had pneumonia...lots of stories from that visit, let me tell ya!

P. Pep peeves: Most of them center around English grammar.  I just can't handle it when people misuse the words their/there/they're or your/you're!  I know spell check doesn't pick it up, but it's in the 2nd grade grammar book.  Maybe I'll do a post on that one day.

Q. Quote from a movie: I love movies.  Don't watch them nearly as much as I used to.  One of my old time favorites is Serendipity.  Lots of great quotes from that one, but here's one you can journal on: "You know the Greeks don't write obituaries.  They only asked one question after a man died.  "Did he have passion?"  Those Greeks...they were on to something.

R. Right or left handed: Both.  I write, eat, and throw left handed.  I bat, cut, and shoot a gun right handed.

S. Siblings: Two sisters.  One 4 years older.  One 4 years younger.  I am the quintessential middle child and am only now starting to get over my "middle child" syndrome.

T. Time you wake up: 5AM...usually without my alarm clock.  Though now that school has started and my naps have been removed, I will say that I often sleep right up to it.

U. Ultimate vacation: Greece.  Now that I'm taking some Greek, I'm trying to convince my parents that this would be a great way to "better my knowledge."

V. Vegetable you hate: I think I like, or can at least tolerate, them all...wait, no, I do not like beets.

W. What makes you run late: I subscribe to the adage of "if you're on time, you're late" and am often at least 5 minutes early.  Except for church.  Despite the fact that I can see the building from my front porch, I'm almost always at least 30 seconds late.

X. X-Rays you've had: My lungs.  See letter O

Y. Yummy food that you make: I don't cook near as much as I used to...with the roommate I have, it's not really necessary.  But, if needed, I can make pretty much anything.  My specialities are appetizers and desserts though.

Z. Zoo animal: Giraffe!  I'm also partial to the elephants and monkeys.

So there you have it...26 random thoughts about me.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

When I left Atlanta and moved to Birmingham, I had a lot of reservations.  I knew Birmingham was where I needed to be, but it was still so hard.  One thing could have made it much easier though...a suitcase so I could take all of my "Atlanta people" with me.  Specifically, I wanted to take the sweet families that I used to baby-sit for and move them to my new neighborhood.

After years of baby-sitting, I feel like I'm an expert on the subject.  Well, let me clarify.  I'm not an expert on baby-sitting by any means...but an expert on knowing a good family when I see one, that I am.  You may think it's easy, but they are hard to come by!  After all, you have to have kids that are fun and obedient, and parents that trust you and aren't especially weird. :)  So, as I explained in this post, my Atlanta families were the best of the best and I often wondered if there would be even one family in Birmingham that could hold a candle to them.

Two years later, I'm blown away at the sweet families that I get to hang out with.  The moms wear the hats of counselor, mentor, and friend.  The dads show me qualities of a Godly husband and father.  The marriages give me a constant reminder to trust that God's timing is perfect, and waiting for the right mate is always worth it.  The children make me laugh and cry, strengthen my patience and remind me to live life to the fullest.

Then, when school started, those sweet families climbed to new levels of sweetness.  Seriously my love tank is overflowing.  I've gotten texts, calls and cards almost everyday filled with encouraging words.  I think my favorite was the little boy that asked if I was going to be in his kindergarten class. :)  Then, as if the words weren't enough...because they totally sweet family even remembered that I was thinking about getting a new coffee maker for myself to help with the late nights and took it upon themselves to surprise me with the Cadillac of coffee makers.  You know, the kind that has the little cups you put in so you have the exact amount that you need.  To say I was a bit overwhelmed would be quite the understatement.

My precious Atlanta families will never be replaced, but after two years in Birmingham, I can say with confidence that in so many ways the Lord has proven himself faithful to my prayer for sweet families, and for that, I am grateful.

Monday, September 12, 2011

this one's for the girls

Ever heard of the Martina McBride song "This One's For the Girls?"  It's been one of my favorites for years, but now that I'm back in school...reading hundreds of pages a week, writing papers and being called on in class to give my theological interpretation of a Biblical passage, I'm finding that it's running through my head more, but this time with a different insight into the words.

There are many reasons I am going back to school to get my Masters of Divinity, but most of them include these precious faces.  This one's for the girls.  The teens of today, and the teens of tomorrow.  Just typing these words and seeing these faces has given me the extra push to get back to my reading...even if I don't have a clue what in the world the words mean! 

**Yes, I thieved these pictures from blogs and facebook.  I  did it without permission.  I am happy to take the picture of your precious girl down if requested.  I promise, I won't take offense.  In addition, if your picture isn't on this post, it does not mean that you aren't just means that you weren't in the pictures that I was able to quickly locate.  My study schedule only allowed for a 15 minute break. :)**

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Before I started Divinity School, one of the most common pieces of advice was don't let your reading for your classes cause you to lose time for your own personal quiet time.  I tucked that little piece of information away, but didn't really think I'd have to worry about that. Of course I'd want to continue my daily quiet times.  I love them.

Then school started.  I was assigned hundreds of pages to read a day. Papers to write.  Quizzes to be prepared for.  A new language to learn.  Things got crazy real quick...clearly, I've barely been in school a week...and my early morning quiet time has been replaced with one final read through of the homework.  My 30 second Jesus Calling reading and 5 minute drive to and from class has become the new morning devotion time.  Not good.  I know.

Well, as luck God would have it, this arrived at my house today.

I heard about this book months ago because I'm a frequent reader of Emily's blog.  I knew I would love it, but was almost afraid to read it for myself.  It's not a secret that one of the things I struggled with the most is giving myself grace, and since I've worn the "good girl" label pretty much my entire life, I had a feeling that this book would really rock my world.  Well, after reading so many great things about it, I knew that I just had order it.  I have a feeling this book may be just the ticket to get me back in my morning quiet time routine and I can hardly wait!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Meet My Crew...Allison

About three months ago I decided I'd start a little blog series called "Meet My Crew."  It lasted for all of one post, and then I kind of forgot about it.  Good thing is, my cousin, Allison did not.  Since she did the honors of reminding me, I figure she deserves her own little post.  So, without further adieu...Meet Allison!

When I was growing up, I always envied my friends that had cousins that lived nearby.  Not only did I not have a cousin super close in age, but none lived close enough for me to see much more than holidays.  While I still wish that I had some of those cousin memories from when I was a kid, I think it makes me appreciate the ones I am able to make now even more.

One of the best things about moving to Birmingham has been, hands down, getting to know Allison better.  In lots of ways we are alike...but we're different in all of the ways that make her better than me!

While I love to bake, Allison can out bake anyone, any day, and her cooking skills are getting better, too.  Don't even think about challenging her to a Just Dance danceoff...she can beat you blindfolded!  She can speak French.  For real.  Not just like a wannabe.  One day, if I ever make it big, which, is HIGHLY doubtful, but if I ever do, I'm taking her to France with me!  She's a trendsetter.  Want to know how the term "deuces" became a common phrase in her community?  That would be Allison.  

She is, by far, one of the wittiest people that I know.  Her sense of humor is one of my favorite things about her.  Even the mundane is hilarious when Allison describes it.  She has a comeback for everything, and now that we have twitter she has perfected her comebacks to 140 characters or less.  

It didn't take her long to clue in that I love hanging out with her, and it makes my day that she invites me to do it!  True, I would probably invite myself over anyway, but I love that I don't have to.  She's always so sweet to text me with an invitation to dinner, a request to call out things for an upcoming test, or if I'm lucky...she'll even swing by my house for an impromptu visit.

Her home is always hopping.  Yeah, she has a great space for people to hang out, but that's not the only reason why.  The people come because she is such a fabulous friend and host.  Her friends are some of the best in the land...but to have a friend, you must be one, so clearly she is a great one!

Allison is the school spirit queen.  I was never one to miss a school sporting event growing up, so I totally understand her excitement.  She's not just about the pep though.  I guarantee you that she knows more about sports than any of those other cheerleaders out there...and probably more than a majority of the people that are playing the sport!

While she would probably disagree, Allison is a leader.  I love watching her with a group of people.  She's respectful of others and their opinions.  When she talks, others listen.  She's giving.  She's humble.  Always putting others before herself.  She loves the Lord and her relationship with Him is something I could only dream to have when I was in high school.  Pretty much, Allison is incredible.  It's easy to  forget that there are 9 years between us because she is so wise beyond her years.  I'm so thankful she's my cousin because that means we'll be together forever...thank goodness, because I sure couldn't handle family get togethers without her!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

One week down...

Well, I'm a week into school and let me just say, WHOA! As I sat in class each day last week, I just kept thinking to myself, why in the world am I doing this? What was I thinking? No..what was God thinking?

I have read through my old journals every night this past week...gotta remind myself that it was not of my own strength that I am actually doing this. I got into school because it was the Lord's plan, and I will make it through...if that's His plan. :)

I expected that I would learn and grow a lot, but after 4 days of class, two papers and 400 or so pages of reading, I think it's safe to say that I'm going to be growing in ways I never dreamed possible.

I've been so confused and stressed these past few days that I haven't been able to really think. Instead, I've been turning up the music and using it to worship. Currently playing...Kari Jobe. Kari is one of my all-time favorite worship leaders. I love the honesty in her music...she's one of those that just leads you to the throne when she opens her mouth. Truly a gift. This past week, I have been claiming the words of her song "You Are For Me." Well, this morning, for the first time that I can remember, the praise band at our church sang a Kari Jobe song...and not just any song...yes, they sang "You Are For Me." For those sitting around me today, sorry for the waterworks. As if the words of the song weren't enough already to remind me that God is there, it was such a special treat for them to sing it. As I sat and listened to the words it was almost as if God, Himself, was singing over me. Powerful indeed.

Here's the clip of Kari introducing and singing the song. Take a listen...then go get a copy of the CD for yourself. I promise, it won't disappoint.