Monday, October 25, 2010

The New Team

One of the things I loved most about my hometown was the way everything pretty much revolved around the school...specifically, the sport teams. Since graduating from high school, I've lived in a few different places and I've always hoped to be able to find a team to cheer for. I found it when I moved to Birmingham.

I have two cousins that go to Mountain Brook. One cheers and the other plays football. Friday nights feel complete again now that football is in the mix.

At the beginning of the year I got out the schedule and filled up my calendar with all of the games. I circled one as a MUST NOT MISS---Mountain Brook vs. Hoover. I hoped it would be a game, but I'll be honest, the main reason for the importance was because of two sweet girls---Emily and Molly. I met these two a little over a year ago when I moved to Birmingham and started attending a Sunday School class that their parents taught.

Isn't Emily precious? So glad I was able to find her!

Molly was the first person I saw after walking in the gate. Perfect way to start the night!

Homecoming at UA

When it was announced that The University of Alabama homecoming game would kickoff at 8:00 PM, I was not a happy camper. I've been a faithful attender to all of the Alabama games this season, but I was iffy on making the trip down because I didn't want to have to drive home so late. The only problem was all of the family was going to be in town and the trip was kind of mandatory. Thankfully, the driving crisis was averted when my cousin, Allison, and her friends, Laine, Anne and Libby figured out I needed riding partners. With four high school girls in tow, I knew I wouldn't have any trouble staying up on the drive home!

I'm so glad it worked out to go. I loved being able to see campus decorated in its homecoming finest. Add to that a Bama win and getting to see family and was pretty much a perfect day.

The first of the fast-food stops of the trip. The CFA Cow was the highlight of this stop. The highlight of the Wendy's stop: Anne ordering the Double Baconator.

Look who I found on my way to the strip. :) Love these two chickadees. Don't love how the sun totally messed up the picture.

Cousin picture. Probably my favorite of the two of us.

Going Home Highlights

A few weeks ago I made the trip south for a weekend at home. After almost four months, I'd say the trip was long overdue and exactly what I needed.

I got to watch my high school football team pull out a win on the last play of the game and spent the next day making memories with my niece, sister and Dad. A weekend at home never fails to remind me how blessed I was to grow up in such a wonderful town.

The quarterback and star of the team, Wil...and his precious TRM cheerleader girlfriend, Madison. I'm sure I'm a little biased, because many years ago, these two were some of the first kids I ever baby-sat for...but they are by far some of my very favorites!

There is truly nothing like a niece. Love this girl more than life! We took a trip down to the zoo for the morning and I had a blast watching her enjoy all of the animals.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Friendly trip to the Zoo

For the first twenty something years of my life, I pretty much aged at the same rate as my friends. Now, at the ripe young age of 25, I find that many of my friends are in different phases of life. Newlyweds, many years younger than me, grad school, parents, home owners, many years older than me. It took some getting used to at first, but now I wouldn't have it any other way. Being surrounded by so many at different phases of life reminds me of all the wonderful times I have had...and of all the goodness that lies ahead.

A few weeks ago, I got the chance to see the goodness that lies ahead when I went to the zoo with two of my friends and their precious families.

Jennifer was one of the very first people that I ever talked to when I moved to Tuscaloosa for college over 7 years ago. Our paths crossed a few times over the next four years, but for the most part, I looked up to her from a distance. Our friendship has definitely gotten deeper because of social networking, but I still say that it officially began at the food court of University Mall. :) She is now happily married to Jason and they have a precious little girl, Charlotte.

Natalie is one of my dearest and best friends. We have a rather fun how we met story and I'm beyond thankful that for now we are living in the same city. She is married to Scott and their daughter, Carrington, is the cutest and happiest sixth month old around.

A trip to the zoo with these sweet families was a perfect way to spend my Sunday afternoon. Yay for friends in different phases of life!

Jennifer did a WONDERFUL job of describing the day in words and pictures. She did such a good job that I'm "borrowing" some pictures and telling you to read her post for the recap.

Just the girls

Jennifer and sweet Charlotte

Charlotte with her Daddy. The best ride in town!

The Orrs. Jenn, how did we miss a group shot of your sweet family?

Monday, October 4, 2010

At some places they PLAY football...

at ALABAMA we LIVE it.

Well, we are 5 weeks into football season. Some people are wishing it would hurry up and finish...others of us are trying to soak it all up. I am definitely a member of the latter group.

With the exception of the minor heart attacks that tend to occur during the close games...and the sometimes late drives back home, I love every bit of it. Listening to the sports talk radio on the drive down to Tuscaloosa, tailgating and visiting with family and friends before the game, cheering on my team at Bryant Denny, celebrating the victories after..and that's just for the home games. The new tradition of having friends over to watch the away games has been a welcome addition this year.

With the first part of the season in the books, I'm hoping that the last part will continue to rack up more tallies for the win column. ROLL TIDE!!

Making Memories

These past few days have been some of the best of 2010. When you think about it, life is a mixture of simple everyday moments and once in a lifetime experiences. The past few days have been the perfect combination of both.

One of my favorite things about fall is football games. College is my favorite, but I love it all! This past Thursday I finally got a chance to see one of my favorite seventh graders cheers for her middle school football team. I hated that it didn't work out to see her before the last game, but I'm so glad that I was able to finally see her. Picture after the game with the head cheerleader.

After the game, I got back on the road and headed to meet up with some friends. Earlier that day, Jessie sent me a message and asked if I was busy that night because she had an extra FREE ticket for Sugarland. It took my no time to decide I would love to go. The excitement only increased when I learned later in the day that our seats were in the CENTER section on the SECOND row! By far a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks for a great night, Jessie!!

Even though I was up past my bedtime on Thursday night, I woke up bright and early on Friday excited for the day ahead. As I said before, one of my favorite things about fall is football season. Hands down, my favorite is Alabama football, but a close second is high school football. I grew up cheering for the T.R. Miller Tigers, but now that I'm living in Birmingham, I have adopted the Mountain Brook Spartans as my team of choice. One of my cousins is a cheerleader and the other plays on the 9th grade football team. This past Friday they had homecoming and I enjoyed every bit of it from the Pep Rally and Parade to the pregame tailgate and game. They won big and it looks like they have secured a spot in the playoffs, so more football!

Memories like these...whether everyday or once in a lifetime...they are the things that make life so special.