Monday, October 25, 2010

Homecoming at UA

When it was announced that The University of Alabama homecoming game would kickoff at 8:00 PM, I was not a happy camper. I've been a faithful attender to all of the Alabama games this season, but I was iffy on making the trip down because I didn't want to have to drive home so late. The only problem was all of the family was going to be in town and the trip was kind of mandatory. Thankfully, the driving crisis was averted when my cousin, Allison, and her friends, Laine, Anne and Libby figured out I needed riding partners. With four high school girls in tow, I knew I wouldn't have any trouble staying up on the drive home!

I'm so glad it worked out to go. I loved being able to see campus decorated in its homecoming finest. Add to that a Bama win and getting to see family and was pretty much a perfect day.

The first of the fast-food stops of the trip. The CFA Cow was the highlight of this stop. The highlight of the Wendy's stop: Anne ordering the Double Baconator.

Look who I found on my way to the strip. :) Love these two chickadees. Don't love how the sun totally messed up the picture.

Cousin picture. Probably my favorite of the two of us.

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Mrs. Jones said...

That game almost killed me too. It's okay. And I love, love, love the top/dress you are wearing! Details please!