Monday, October 4, 2010

At some places they PLAY football...

at ALABAMA we LIVE it.

Well, we are 5 weeks into football season. Some people are wishing it would hurry up and finish...others of us are trying to soak it all up. I am definitely a member of the latter group.

With the exception of the minor heart attacks that tend to occur during the close games...and the sometimes late drives back home, I love every bit of it. Listening to the sports talk radio on the drive down to Tuscaloosa, tailgating and visiting with family and friends before the game, cheering on my team at Bryant Denny, celebrating the victories after..and that's just for the home games. The new tradition of having friends over to watch the away games has been a welcome addition this year.

With the first part of the season in the books, I'm hoping that the last part will continue to rack up more tallies for the win column. ROLL TIDE!!

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