Monday, October 4, 2010

Making Memories

These past few days have been some of the best of 2010. When you think about it, life is a mixture of simple everyday moments and once in a lifetime experiences. The past few days have been the perfect combination of both.

One of my favorite things about fall is football games. College is my favorite, but I love it all! This past Thursday I finally got a chance to see one of my favorite seventh graders cheers for her middle school football team. I hated that it didn't work out to see her before the last game, but I'm so glad that I was able to finally see her. Picture after the game with the head cheerleader.

After the game, I got back on the road and headed to meet up with some friends. Earlier that day, Jessie sent me a message and asked if I was busy that night because she had an extra FREE ticket for Sugarland. It took my no time to decide I would love to go. The excitement only increased when I learned later in the day that our seats were in the CENTER section on the SECOND row! By far a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks for a great night, Jessie!!

Even though I was up past my bedtime on Thursday night, I woke up bright and early on Friday excited for the day ahead. As I said before, one of my favorite things about fall is football season. Hands down, my favorite is Alabama football, but a close second is high school football. I grew up cheering for the T.R. Miller Tigers, but now that I'm living in Birmingham, I have adopted the Mountain Brook Spartans as my team of choice. One of my cousins is a cheerleader and the other plays on the 9th grade football team. This past Friday they had homecoming and I enjoyed every bit of it from the Pep Rally and Parade to the pregame tailgate and game. They won big and it looks like they have secured a spot in the playoffs, so more football!

Memories like these...whether everyday or once in a lifetime...they are the things that make life so special.

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Douglasfam said...

free tick to SUGARLAND!!! Oh my!!!
love you sweet girl! see you SOON!!!