Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Get A Room

Have you ever had the chance to travel alone? I travel for work about 25% of the time, so my “alone travel” has increased substantially in the past year. I love the travel and I’ve leaned so much. While all the aspects of travel provide a learning experience—the flying, eating meals alone, navigating an unfamiliar area—I think I’ve learned most about me in the hotel room. I like hotels for so many reasons—they make the bed and wash the linens for you, room service, fitness rooms, hot breakfasts, daily paper—I enjoy the little extras. However, it’s not those things that get me excited about the opportunity for overnight travel. I get excited because I know that I am guaranteed to have time for me. I can watch TV, read, journal, pray, talk on the phone, order room service…and I’m not bothering anyone! I am energized after those nights alone. I’m sure it sounds hokey, but I think it’s because I’ve had the chance to connect with me again.

Challenge for the day: Schedule a trip for you and only you, even if it is only for one night at a hotel down the street. I bet you will learn a lot about you.

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