Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Life has been fantabulous as of are a few reasons why:

1----More Bloggy Buddies: My friend Ashleigh and I have been doing quite a big of recruiting and I am so excited to welcome my friends Christen and Kelly into the blog world. Check their blogs out. There's a little something for everybody! Hopefully Katie, Cason and Noel will be joining soon as well!

2----You Can Vote However You Like: I’ve been over the whole election scene for at least a month now. It pretty much depresses me every time I turn on the TV. So, when Sara sent me this link, I wasn’t too enthused. My mood changed the moment the video started playing. Check it out!

3----Homecoming at The Capstone: Fall was always my favorite season when I was in college. I love the football season…especially homecoming. This year is extra special because one of my favorite people in the entire world, Patty Ann Green, is on Homecoming Court. Congrats, sweet friend! You’ve done so much for The University and are definitely deserving of the honor!

4----NOVEMBER is almost here! November is my FAVORITE month! I was thinking about that on my way into work this morning and thought of something fun to do in order to celebrate it. Get ready readers…it’s going to be fun!

Sorry for the scattered thoughts...I've got to do better at updating this thing!

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