Friday, October 24, 2008

See ya in Oxford

Spon-ta-ne-ous: \spän-ˈtā--əs\ adjective - arising from a momentary impulse

I'm not spontaneous by nature, but every now and then the urge strikes to throw the plan out the window. It seems that urge has been bubbling up when my bestest friend and her fabulous fiance' called tonight to ask if I wanted to meet them in Oxford for dinner, I quickly hopped in the car. Now, Oxford is only about an hour and twenty minutes from my house....a far cry from the five hour one way drive to New Orleans that I took in college for some beignets....but still, it was an impulse trip nonetheless.

Being spontaneous can be exhilarating...and in the case of this particular spontaneous trip, quite rewarding. :) So, even though my mantra is usually "I'll be spontaneous, just tell me when" today I'm encouraging you to throw the planner out the window and do something on impulse. You're sure to make some memories that you won't soon forget.


chloe said...

It was the best trip!! Guess we'll have to do it again soon...
I love you Linds!!!

Ashleigh Speir said...

I'm not being a workaholic anymore, you're being spontaneous?!?! I'm sorry, did I just see a pig fly past my window??

I'm so proud of us!!!