Monday, April 13, 2009

In A Category All Her Own

After posting this a few weeks ago, I got a lot of responses. Emails, calls, comments, many people saying how neat the story was. They are right, it was neat...that's why I shared it; but I hope everyone saw what made it neat was not ME, it was the HOLY SPIRIT.

The thing is, that isn't the first time something like that has happened, but more often, it's the other way around. Usually, I'm the one on my knees, battling the enemy, asking for someone to pray on my behalf and the Holy Spirit urges someone to pray. I have been the girl that has been thankful for prayers lifted up on my behalf more times than I can count.

Yesterday, I drove down to Chick-fil-A's Headquarters to meet with one of my favorite friends that is still working there, Amy. I pretty much love everything about Amy---except for the fact that she is an Auburn girl. It is nothing short of providential that she is one of the first people I met upon moving to Atlanta. I was in a new city--and state, didn't know a soul, and as a recent graduate had no idea what the working world was like. I was thrilled to have a "work friend." As the months went by, I found that Amy was becoming so much more than a work friend. For those of you that know know that I prefer to keep my friendships separated, so at first I was hesitant about her knowing more than just the "work Lindsey." But, the truth of the matter is, I just couldn't keep Amy in her "work" category. In fact, she was making her own category...she was becoming my prayer warrior.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have lots of friends that pray for me, but they are those things and roomies...or those things and best friends, etc. I feel like they are praying for me because they love me...don't get me wrong, I'm VERY thankful for their love and prayers!

There is no doubt in my mind that Amy and I would have a blast together if we hung out socially, but it was as if God spoke to me and said,

Lindsey, you have lots of friends to do things with. Lots of friends that pray for you, but you don't have someone that prays for you just because they want to pray. I'm going to give you that and I'm going to give it to you in Amy.

I didn't even know what that meant. At first I was a little nervous. This may sound odd, but when we first started praying for each other, we didn't really know each other at all. She was a sweet girl, but I wouldn't say we loved each other. We were simply meeting to pray for each other. Now, she's one of my favorite people ever and I love her to death. Thinking back to those early days of our friendship makes me smile because I know to the world, our relationship sounds backwards...but we were brought together in a God way; and that makes it even more special.

What a blessing it has been to have someone fill the category of prayer warrior! When we meet, we meet to encourage one another in their faith. There are no false pretenses. No masks. We are just two girls...

Two messed up girls...totally stripped to the core, honestly confessing our struggles, longings and hurts.

Two girls...trying with all our might to reject the lies from the enemy.

Two girls...challenging one another to a closer walk with The Lord.

Two girls...rejoicing in the way He has used circumstances in our lives to grow our faith.

And I...I am one girl...incredibly grateful for the way He has woven Amy into my life!

I began this post telling you that I have been on the receiving end of so many prayers that I have never asked for. I end by telling you about one such time that took place this morning.

Just today my sweet prayer warrior Amy called to tell me that she was praying for me between 7:30 and 8:00 this morning. She told me she was praying that Satan would not get a foothold in my heart today. She reminded me that the enemy is after those that are trying to advance His kingdom. She knew he would be after me. She wanted me to know that she was praying. What's interesting is that it was during that EXACT time that Satan and I were having a shouting match. Some would say it was a coincidence, but I know better. I have no doubt that she felt a stirring in her heart, and like so many other times, she put what she was doing on hold and lifted me up.

Thanks, Amy! God blew me away when He brought you into my life. I couldn't ask for a better prayer warrior!

As I was searching my photos to find one of my sweet prayer warrior, I had to laugh. This is the only picture that we have together....maybe next time we meet we can take a new one, Amy. For now, I love that this is the only one, because we took over a year ago at a work function. Proof of the fact that we aren't social friends. :) But, she is my prayer warrior...and what a blessing that is!


Allen C. said...

I'm sitting on the back deck drinking coffee and catching up on your blog. I can't think of a better way to spend the morning. I love your insights! I always knew you were very talented... Now I can add "writer" to the list.

Cile said...

No coincidence for sure! I love when God shows us how much He cares by knitting together all of the little things that add up to the big things. Chill bumps!