Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Special Day with a Special Girl

I love my life right now. Love the challenges and newness that each day brings. But sometimes, I find myself longing to say "I'm a student at The University of Alabama." Maybe it's because graduation season is quickly approaching or it could be because I know that soon I will be living a little closer to my Alma Mater, but for whatever reason, the longing has increased in the past month.

My last visit to Tuscaloosa was so quick that it shouldn't even count. In fact, it made me miss it 10 hundred times more. So, I've been searching the calendar, looking for a day to just drive down and enjoy the goodness that is Tuscaloosa. I'm happy to say that time arrived last week and it could not have been better.

There were so many events that I enjoyed as a student...but by far one of my absolute favorites was Honors Day. For the most part, the day is a big deal for Juniors--the people that are getting tapped into the honor societies and the Seniors---the current members that are doing the tapping. But for whatever reason, I always loved it. I even went my freshman and sophomore years just to see it. When the weather cooperates they do the tapping on The Mound...a beautiful corner on the campus of UA's Quad. Sadly, it was expected to rain this year so they had to move it indoors.

Usually I am doing the nanny thing on Friday, so when a friend told me that Honors Day was coming up, I got a little sad thinking that I wouldn't be able to be there. But when I was home last week, I was glancing at my planner and noticed that I had scribbled "UA Honors Day" in my calendar on April 10. I thought to myself, I might be able to do. It would mean that I would have to drive from Brewton to Tuscaloosa early Friday morning and then from Tuscaloosa to Atlanta that night, but I could do it.

I called a friend, got the times worked out and decided to make a surprise visit. You see, one of my favorite girls of all time is a Junior this year. Translation...she was going to be getting tapped into the Honor Societies. After a little more sleuthing, I found out that she was going to be getting into not one but ALL FOUR of them. Quite rare, my friends...quite rare. If that doesn't qualify for a surprise visit, I don't know what does.

I had the most fun showing up at the sorority house, knocking on her door, hearing her say "come in," seeing her first glance up with a look that said "oh, Lindsey's here," only to quickly be replaced by the "what in the world? how is Lindsey here? she is supposed to be in Atlanta" look. Goodness, gracious, I love Honor's Day. I love surprise visits. I love you, Miss Sarah Beth and I'm pretty durn proud of you too!

Please pardon the attire. Since I wasn't planning on going, I didn't take anything home to wear that would be appropriate. It's also not the best of pictures...we have to find the camera that took the photo when we were both looking!

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Douglasfam said...

so fun! I too love my alma mater with ALL MY HEART!!! And am always looking for an excuse to go back. WIth two kiddos its kinda hard so do it as much as you can girl!!! Oh - I almost forgot...