Monday, April 13, 2009

Nothin’ Like A Niece

This past week has definitely been one of my favorite spring breaks of all time.  I drove down to Brewton on Friday and spent the week doing anything and everything that my niece wanted to do.  We made cookies, played at the playground, read lots of books, checked our blogs---her idea, I promise, hunted Easter eggs, played at the playground, snuggled on the top bunk, dyed Easter eggs, baked some treats, watched baseball games, played at the playground, went shopping, ate Mexican, rocked baby dolls, went on walks…life was WONDERFUL.

My hometown is a special place.  I’m so glad my niece is getting a chance to experience life there.  The population of Brewton may be small, but it has some of the most LOVING people in the world.  It was a treat to get to catch up with them throughout the week as well.  

Now…picture time.  I know…there are tons; but remember, I was there for a week and my niece is the cutest thing ever!  I did my best and picked my favorites of the 200 or so that I took :)



One of our first adventures…The Pizza Hut buffet!  This kid ate 4 pieces of pizza, two breadsticks and a cinnamon twist!




Emma Kate…the baker!  So glad I have someone to pass along this fun activity to!



DSC_2613My wonderful mentor, Ms. Teresa, has 4 of the most beautiful girls ever.  I had the privilege of baby-sitting for her oldest two years ago and we have stayed in touch through many moves.  They now live about an hour from Brewton so she made my day on Saturday and they came up to play.  As you can see, Emma Kate and Anna Grace became fast friends! 

DSC_2712DSC_2706Emma Kate and I made the yummiest dessert…cherry/pear buckle!  Super easy and super yummy!



A precious family that attends my church holds an Easter egg hunt at their home each year.  So glad we were all able to attend this time!






Time to hunt those eggs!











Playing dress up in the shoe section!


Jennifer said...

You're the best aunt!! :)

Cile said...

You made Emma Kate's week so special and I loved having you around. Thanks also for being an awesome hostess in ATL...I loved spending time with you! Have a wonderful week and I love you!