Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Big 2-5

Laura Mills...I've only known her personally for 4 months, but I feel like it's been so much longer.

She is one of Natalie's best friends. Born only one day apart in the same hospital, they will tell you that they have been friends since her first day on this earth. I won't spoil their fun.

Over the past 6 years I've heard so many great things about Laura. I finally got the chance to meet the famous Laura last December and she exceeded all of my expectations. We bonded immediately and made lots of memories in a very short span of time.

This girl is a riot...and her hubby Mikey is such a fun complement.

My fingers are crossed that she will move to the east coast after she finishes her schooling out west!

So...Happy quarter of a century! Happy first married birthday! Happy Birthday, Laura Mills!

For the record, I know that I just titled the last birthday post "The Big 2-5." The thing is...I hate coming up with titles, it's late, and Laura is 25 too. She doesn't care...I don't either. :)


Michael said...

Fun complement!!!!



Lindsey said...

You are indeed a fun complement, Mr. Mills! Hope y'all enjoyed your yummy dinner!