Friday, March 6, 2009


Life is better when you have fun people to share it with. One of my favorite things about being a 24 year old single gal is ROOMIES! I have 3 of them and they are fantabulous, but if I sing their praises at the same time they will all be walking around with a big head. I can't have that, so I will have to do them one at a time. Now...who should I brag on first? I suppose I will start with Christen since I met her first.

Met this crazy gal pretty soon after I moved to Atlanta but didn't really start getting to know her until September '07. From our first conversation, I knew we would be perfect roommates. I was right...don't you think, Christen?

Here are a few of the reasons why she is the bestest...

  • She gets up before the sun comes up so I don't have to walk by myself.
  • Deep thinker...I love having intellectual friends and she definitely falls into that category. Pretty much every day she gives me something to think deep about
  • TWITTER...I'm a twitter maniac thanks to this kid and I LOVE IT!
  • GREAT taste in music...and a wonderful voice to go along with it.
  • HULARIOUS...oh my goodness...all we do is laugh!
  • She's always up for doing something fun. Take for example the conversation we had last night...

    C: Boo...Brad Paisley isn't doing a concert in Atlanta this year
    L: Sad day
    C: He is going to be in Nashville next weekend you have any plans?
    L: Hmm...not that I know of
    C: That settles it...we're going.

Ten minutes later...we had tickets. So, if you're going to be in Nashville next weekend...let me know because we will be there!!

So thankful, for you sweet friend. Do you think you would be interested in moving with me in August?

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*christen said...

WahooOooooOooo! This post just made my day! I love you! and i will not be leaving Atlanta in Aug, but look at it tis way-- you'll still have a free place to stay when you need a fun road trip back to ATL.
I found a cool new restaurant today on Juniper. We have to go!