Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Friends In High Places

Jennifer lived with my sister all four years of college. She is incredibly smart and accomplished and has some fancy schmancy title that basically means she's in charge of real estate development for one of my favorite places to eat....Zoe's Kitchen. Well, she sent me a message last night that read "Zoe's opens tomorrow!!" For those of you that have never heard of Zoe's, let me just tell you...YOU ARE MISSING OUT! It is one of my very favorite fast restaurants in the fast casual category, really one of my favorites in any category.

From what I hear, there are 4 characteristics you must meet in order to be called a called Raving Fan of something... :)
  • Comes more often...Let's see, I went for lunch AND dinner today, and it's not super close. 30 minutes, one way, without traffic.
  • Pays full price...I have eaten there more times than I could count in the past 6 years or so and have only had a coupon twice
  • Tells 'us" ("us" being Zoe's)...I'm all for mailing in a comment or telling the staff personally
  • Tells others...I sent emails to my Atlanta friends telling them about the opening, tweeted about it and even de-virginized my roomie tonight.
Pretty sure I pass all of those characteristics with flying colors.

Speaking of colors, I just love the color scheme Zoe's has going on...so bright and cheery!

So, for all of folks that have never tasted the goodness that is Zoe's, check out the website and find your nearest location. All of the food they have is delicious. I highly recommend the chicken salad, either in a sandwich or a plate, and the chicken rollups. All of the sides are super yummy...my faves are the slaw and pasta salad. Oh, and you can't forget the limeade...and the chocolate cake!!

I'm making myself hungry again just thinking about it. Good thing I brought a to-go box home for tomorrow!

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Amy Pettigrew said...

Oh girl....you know I have already eaten there twice this weekend! Love the Zoe's!