Friday, March 20, 2009

Too bad evey Friday can't be Friday the 13th!

So far 2009 has had two Friday the 13ths and both of mine have been great. The one in February was pretty laid back but filled with lots of things that make me happy and I was excited that there would be another in March. I was a little worried that the March festivities wouldn't be as good as the ones in February, but I was wrong about that. You see, I spent the day...and the NASHVILLE!

I had not been to Nashville in years. When I was a kid I went a few times to Opryland, but I had never really been as a "big girl." Well, my roomie and I got all packed up and left the great state of Georgia on Friday afternoon, and everything about the weekend was pretty fabulous. Yes, it did rain most of the time, but that didn't stop us from touring and absolutely falling in love with the Music City.

Special thanks to Miss friend that I met in October who graciously opened her home to us. Not only did she provide a great place to stay, she also gave us a detailed list of all of the fun things to do and places to eat while we were there. What she didn't know is that one of Christen's Top 5 Strengths is ACTIVATOR and one of mine is ARRANGER. So when we were talking about all of the things that we did over lunch on Sunday, she couldn't believe it. In her words, "y'all dominated Nashville." To that, we say "thanks, Caroline." We can't wait to come back and dominate your city again! Next time, we promise we will give you more than a week's notice so that you will be able to play WITH us instead of having to work!


*christen said...

Thanks for always commenting on my blog ;)
Let's make Friday the 13th a tradition! We ust do something fun every Friday the 13th!!

Lindsey said...

LOVE IT! Get ready for November 13!