Friday, March 20, 2009

One of the many perks of blogging...

winning contests! I love love LOVE to win things. Usually I'm pretty unlucky, but since I've had a blog, I've won a couple different little bloggy contests. All of my wins were a few months ago, but I had to wait to blog about them...more on the specific reasons later.

So, the first little contest I won happened on my friend Jennifer's blog. Jennifer was one of the first people that I met when I went to Alabama. In fact, I think she and her friend Savannah were the first people that I met that I didn't know before I moved in. Our paths didn't cross too much in college, but I always thought the world of her...still do. So, when I came across her blog a few months ago I quickly became an avid reader. She and her hubby are pregnant with their first child...a little girl named Charlotte. She has great insights, yummy recipes and is going to be such a wonderful mommy! I'm so glad that I came across her blog and that we've been able to reconnect.

Well, Jennifer did a little giveaway on her blog for some super cute stationary, did the little random number generator and I won! I got the cutest stationary and address labels and I also ordered some stationary for my friend Natalie with her new name on it. Kacey was so easy to work with and all of my goodies arrived super quickly. Check her out at Doodle Bugs Stationary. I'm sure you'll see one or two or twenty things you like!

Now, if you are reading this in something like a Google Reader...which is pretty much my favorite way to read blogs, you're going to have to leave it for a quick minute to check out my actual blog because there is a change. everybody here? Do you see a change? If you guessed the header, then you are right. I've been wanting a little header change for quite sometime, but didn't really have any pictures of babies to put up there and I definitely didn't want a picture of myself plastered across the top, so I was looking for a fun little font to help liven things up a bit. Thankfully, I didn't have to do much work because I ended up winning this little header makeover from Joy at 5J's. Like Kacey, she was super easy to work with and SO FAST! She had this header whipped out in 24 hours and it was incredibly easy to install.

So, for those of you that think blogs are just crazy online journals...I know there are a few out there because you are the ones that refuse to comment on my blog, say that blogs are a waste of time and you only read to know what's going on in my life...all I'm going to say is you're wrong and you're missing out. Missing out on meeting new people, missing out on new perspectives, missing out on FREE STUFF!

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Douglasfam said...

holy moly
just checked out the doodle bugs website and that stuff it CUTE!!!
Thanks for sharing! So glad you are doing so well and that Nashville was super! See you tonight!