Friday, March 5, 2010

Blog Dream Come True

I read my first blog about three years ago and was sucked in almost immediately. Over the years, I have added hundreds of blogs to my google reader, and though I may not always be good at consistently writing, I am always consistent with my reading.

About a year or so into my blog reading, I came across a blog that I loved immediately. I was drawn to the family with 4 children(they now have 5 and are in the process of adopting number 6). I loved her writing style and that she lived in the south. I was delighted when I moved in August because I knew that she, like I, would be in the Birmingham area. I was hopeful that one day I would run into her.

Well, that didn't happen...but something even better did. After getting up the courage to post a comment on her blog offering to baby-sit for her children so she could go on a date with her hubby, I got an almost immediate response...and an invite to come have dinner and meet the family.

Yesterday was the day. I walked in the door and I tell you, I felt like I was in a dream world. These faces that I had grown to love through the blog-world were real.

Ok...timeout. I realize I still haven't mentioned the name of the blog family. Any guesses?

If you guessed The Vitafamiliae, then you are correct!

The kids were beyond well mannered, cute as they could be and absolutely precious. As Sam blessed our meal, tears filled my eyes while listening to the sincerity. No cookie cutter "God is great" for this guy! If you've read her blog for long, you probably know that she says she doesn't cook fancy things, but let me tell you, the meal was delicious--chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans, homemade bread, homemade cookies...and even a muffin to take home for breakfast this morning!

It was a delightful evening filled with dress up, blog talk, laughter, cuddling, kitchen talk, baking and just family activity.

Many thanks to the Vitafam for having me over. Looking forward to doing it again!

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Daily Tales of Sugar and Spice said...

you are so great- so glad you reached out to this mom. i know she needed a break. and i'm sure she was blown away by your skills and heart for kids.