Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Early Years

I want to be through with this project by my birthday. In order to accomplish that, I will reminisce about the first 4 years in this post. The remaining posts will each be about one year. Psychologists say that we can't remember things before age 4 anyway. It's too bad that we don't remember much about those first years. When I look at all of the fun that my niece is having, it makes me sad to think that she won't really remember much of it. Psychology or not, I do remember a few things...

Years: 1984-1989
Age: Birth-4

In the beginning, it was me and my sister, Cile. It's kinda hard to see, but this was one of my favorite with rocking horses. I also love my sister's headband with the gigantic bow that takes up her entire head. I'm sure that was the style back then.

I definitely remember my favorite horse that I used to ride up and down the street. His name was Bucky and he had a handy compartment in the seat that lifted up. It was just the right size for a juice box and crackers. :) Check out the OskKosh B'Gosh purple over-alls. I'm pretty sure I had many pairs of these in varying colors through the years. Props to my mom for the clothing selection!

I picked this picture espcially for my niece, Emma Kate. Though she has never really been interested in passys for herself, she loves to see other babies that have them. Do you like my passy, EK?

Many of you know that I am a part of a football family. The Ingram/Smith bunch love their football. My grandparents were living in Tallahassee and Florida State was the team of choice. I used to love to watch the FSU horse, Renegade run out at the beginning of the game. While they may not be my favorite team, every now and then you can still hear me scream Go 'Noles! Sorry, Natalie. :)

A little beach bum from the beginning. Too bad it isn't cute to have a little belly in the swimsuit anymore!

I was scared of dogs when I was little...scratch that, terrified of dogs when I was little. Except for the friendly neighborhood dog named FeFe. I don't know who he belonged to, but I loved him. So, to wrap up the early years, here is a picture of me and my buddy FeFe. I know it looks like I've got him in a head lock, but it was love. True love.

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