Sunday, November 2, 2008

Grocery Store, Dress-Up and Ballet

Year: 1990
Age: 5

Five years that was a fun time. So many favorite pictures and memories from that year. I was an Astronaut at St. Stephen's Episcopal Preschool! Basically, that meant that my classroom was upstairs...skydivers are downstairs.

Growing up, I always loved going to the grocery store. When I was younger, I often went with my Dad to do the weekly shopping. I loved finding the things on our list and trying to get the good bargains. That being said, can you imagine my delight when we took a family trip to the Louisiana Children's Museum in New Orleans and there was an exhibit set up like a grocery store?! It was just like the real thing...list, food and cash registers...and it was kid sized so I could push the cart, get the groceries and check them out myself. To this day, I still love grocery shopping...especially if they have a self-checkout!

Like many little girls, I enjoyed dressing up. What am I saying...that should be enjoy because I still love putting on pretty dresses. This fancy get-up was for a friend's "Dress Like Your Mother" party. I don't remember my Mom wearing anything like this, but I still think I look pretty durn cute.

Last memory for the least that I'm blogging a fun one. I have NO coordination and very little skill in the dance category. Whenever my niece asks me to "do tricks," the best I have for her is a few Jump-n-Jacks! Thankfully, she still thinks that is a great trick. However, at one point in time, my Mom tried to help me out by putting me in ballet lessons. I had one recital...a dance done to the song Bongo. I still remember the routine, and the costume is still around...but that stuff about first position, second position...not so much.

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