Monday, November 3, 2008

Everything I needed to know, I learned in Kindergarten

Year: 1991
Age: 6
School: Kindergarten

When I think back on my Kindergarten year, it just makes me smile. A few things I will never forget about that year:
  • I had the best teacher EVER....Mrs. Sasser
  • Watching film strips in The Big Room
  • Learning new songs...2 Little Magic Words, This Is A Story 'Bout Sammy, My Name is Stegosaurus
  • Josh and James using the red smiley face stamp to put smiley faces all over Mrs. Sasser's yellow desk.
  • Playing Bouncy Bee and Reader Rabbit in the computer lab

Both of my parents are educators and I like to be in control. When you add those two things together, it makes a girl that enjoys to teach other people. I loved playing teacher for years--I'm actually embarrassed to tell how long I continued playing. Here I am, teaching my fellow Kindergarten classmates. I find it rather amusing that they actually seem to be interested in what I was saying...well maybe except for Curt. Apparently he had to sit by me...he must have been acting up!

Every teacher needs a desk to sit at while they grade their papers. Santa to the rescue! I loved this desk. Thankfully, my Mom took good care of it so now my niece is able to enjoy it as well. Seriously, Fisher Price makes the BEST toys!

There are so many fun shoe options out there for kids...Keds, Puddle Jumpers and one of my all time favorites...Saddle Oxfords. I've been trying to convince my sister to get some for my niece. Maybe this picture will remind her just how cute they are :)

I don't get sick much. In fact, I only remember being really sick twice. The most recent time was when I got the flu in college--the first time was the SUMMER after Kindergarten when I got PNEUMONIA. Really people...pneumonia in the summer?!?!? It was bad news. I was in the hospital for a week, confined to an oxygen tent. Thankfully, I don't remember much about the experience other than telling the nurse, who was having some difficulty putting in my IV to "just call Brother John." You see, Brother John was my pastor and like any other 6 year old, I thought he could fix anything. In fact, I still think that. So, if I ever need an IV in the future, BJ will definitely be getting a call. The other things I remember about the experience are great...Ice cream, Popsicles, my first Caboodle and a Spirograph!

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Courtney said...

loving these posts. how in the world do you remember this stuff? i don't remember what happened last week much less when i was 5. impressive.