Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Best Days of My Life

Year: 2007
Age: 22
College: Senior

I am a self-professed awful dancer, but that doesn't meant that I don't dance. I have quite a few classic dance moves including, but not limited to...The Pizza, The Dinosaur and The Elephant. Oh, the memories...

In the last post, I told you what a great roomie Sarah was. Well, she was also a great road trip partner. During our senior year, many of our road trips centered around one of our favorite things...Alabama Football. We trekked to Baton Rouge, Knoxville and Gainesville. Fun times were had by all at each stop, especially Knoxville!

Who are the people in your life that you look up to? When I think about that question, most of the people that come to mind are older than me. Some by a few months...others by many years. However, some people are wise beyond their years, and even those they are younger than me, I still look up to them. Patty Ann Green is one of those people. She is a remarkable leader with the ability to take on a lot of different things without dropping the ball or getting stressed out. It was such a joy to have her a sorority sister. I only wish that I was a few years younger so I would have had the privelage of watching her lead as President.

When I saw this precious smile at my sorority house, I knew we had to have her. I must say that my intuition was right on with Sarah just a few months Patty Ann will turn over her president's gavel to her. SB and I only really had one year together in school, but we made the most of it. Some of my favorite memories:
  • City Cafe Fridays...even though she always got that disgusting english pea salad
  • Sunday night computer...she discovered quickly that I loved helping girls with their computer homework. She signed up for two compuer classes during the spring semester and kept me busy each Sunday :)
  • Sporting, basketball, gymnastics...whatever the season, she was a dedicated fan. I loved watching with someone who actually knew what they were talking about.

My Mom was in a sorority when she was in college, so growing up I heard lots of stories about her college life. Some of those stories involved a friend named Beth. Imagine my delight during my freshman year I met Miss Anna Smith...daughter of the infamous Beth. Our friendship grew over trips to TCBY, Wednesday lunches and walks around campus. We didn't do a really good job documenting the years in pictures until our senior year though....

Hard to believe that at the time this picture was taken, I had only known Miss Lauren for 4 years. I'm so thankful that our friendship only strengthened with each year. Our senior year, we were pretty much attached at the hip...taking all but 2 of the same classes. During the last three years, Lauren proved to be much more than just a great roomie...she was a dedicated group partner, a BEAUTIFUL Homecoming Queen and a much loved friend.

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