Friday, November 14, 2008

The fun continues...Junior year

Year: 2002
Age: 17
Grade: 11th

As a kid, I grew up going to my county's Junior Miss Program each year. I even went to the State competition a few times, my favorite of which was to watch my sister. Though I'm far from the "pagent girl" type, I absolutely loved participating in the program. For all of you out there that know someone that is in their Junior year of high school, make sure to tell them to look into Junior Miss!!
Just in case I haven't made a strong enough case for everyone to love my hometown, I'll give you another reason...Todd's Bake Shop. In high school, I absolutely HATED driving. Thank goodness for friends that enjoyed it. Lauren picked me up every Friday morning during football season and we joined about 30 of our closest friends for doughnuts. Nothing like having a doughnut for breakfast and then taking a ride in the Honda, listening to some game day music. This picture was taken one Friday morning, and it's one of my favorite pictures ever. Nothing like blue eyes and beautiful smiles!

The photographer made $180 on this picture. Ridiculous!

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