Saturday, November 15, 2008


Year: 2003
Age: 18
Grade: 12th

It's hard to sum up one of my favorite years of life in one quick blog post. I have so many happy memories from high school, and my senior year probably had more than the other three combined. I don't have time to talk about everything, but here's a snipit...

Volleyball: We may have not been really good, but we had a lot of fun. Besides, we weren't expected to be was our first year. There was something special about being on the first volleyball team for a school that I loved. Volleyball also brought about the beginnings of a great friendship. Love ya, Bek!

6th period physics...oh the memories. Everything from the tiger stamp to the egg drop. The class may have been small, but there was never a dull moment...NEVER. Hard to believe that we're already half way to our 10 year reunion. I remember a day our senior year when we talked about what life would be like for us in 10 years...I wonder how many of those predictions will come true.

The youth group at First Baptist Church hasn't been the same since we graduated. I may be a little biased, but we were a great little group. The guys weren't afraid to be leaders and the girls were always there for each other. It was such a blessing to be able "do life" with them.

After four years of the "friends" picture, we finally look like we like each other in this one!

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