Monday, November 24, 2008

A November filled with remember..

I don't plan on posting about the past years of my life ever again! Well, at least not in succession. It was hard work...especially when things got hectic and I wasn't able to post. I found myself scrambling around to SCAN in photos about many days at once. Towards the end, I was a few years behind with the deadline of November 21 looming over my head. To say that I felt the stress of a student cramming for a semester exam would be a bit exaggerated, but not by much.

However, I did LOVE looking through all of the pictures. I was reminded of friends I hadn't talked to in years...and memories that had been brushed to the back of my mind. It was such a treat to get reacquainted with the friends and the memories.

One quick word of thanks to my Mom and sister who helped me out tremendously by looking through all of the photo albums at home. I didn't really have any pictures with me before high school. They sent more than I could post, but I don't want their hard work to be for nothing. So sometime later this week I'll post an album with some more photos that I didn't use for the yearly blog update.

Also in the works for this week is the long awaited verse and quote for my 24 year of life. I finally decided on them after weeks of searching. Looking forward to a great excited to share it with all of my bloggy friends.

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