Saturday, November 8, 2008

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Year: 1996
Age: 11
Grade: 5th

WARNING: We've hit middle school. Photos for the next few days will not be pretty!

5th grade means middle school. Middle school means YUCK! The most embarassing moment of my school career happened in 5th grade. I'm not going to go all into it, but here's the short story. I was assigned to record the theme song to "Gilligan's Island" for a puppet show my group was doing on Robinson Crusoe. I looked everywhere for a tape and finally found one in my little tape recorder. We got to school and I played the theme song. Things were going great until the music finished...and my preaching began. You see, I used to "play church" after I got home on Sundays and always recorded my sermons. I thought I would never hear the end of that one!

Well, since I called out myself, I've got to try to pull some others down with me. Don't you just love John and Russell's hair?!?! The four of us were narrator's to the 5th grade play...The Grinch.

Confidential to NB...You need to find some more red pajamas so you can be Santa Claus again!

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Ashleigh Speir said...

I feel your pain with the embarassing moments - and middle school is no time to need any additional reason to be embarassed, we look bad enough as it is! I'd personally like to hear that preaching tape now!