Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting A Hang of the College Life

Year: 2005
Age: 20
College: Sophomore

Hands down, I had THE BEST sorority family! If I was able to re-pick my family, I would pick Julie and Lana every single time. They were, and sill are, so welcoming. What I appreciated even more was the way that they lived out their faith even when it may not have been the most popular thing to do.

I lived in the sorority house the last three years of college, but much of my sophmore year was spent with Trinity, Jessie and April. The little brick house was my home away from home. One of my favorite memories from that year was the Survivan Ivan party....we survived, some of our friends cars were not so lucky. I don't know who lives in that house now, but I can guarantee they aren't anywhere close to being as fun as these three.

The picture that I posted of Lauren and me from last year was a little rough..thankfully we remained friends after freshman year and had many more opportunities to redeem some of those first pictures. Even though we are white as ghosts, this is one of my faves.

All time highlight of the year...D'Nied. What is D'Nied you may ask. Only the best rap group ever to grace the halls of the Delta Zeta sorority house. Yes, we were a one-hit-wonder, at least we had a hit! The five of us were quite a group...Emily, Jenny, Sarah, Laura and Lindsey. It gets me laughing just typing about it. In case you're wondering about our was written for my best friend, Natalie. She turned 21 and we wrote a rap to celebrate her. Friends, it was a real winner.

We invited Natalie over to the DZ house to listen watch the rap video the morning of her birthday. As you can see from the picture below, she was still so happy she could barely contain herself at her party later that night.

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