Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sweet Caroline

Without a doubt, I have been abundantly blessed with some of the best friends a girl could ask for. As I've gotten older, friendship has become one of my favorite things. There is not just one path to friendship. Some friends I've known for my entire life, literally. Others have only recently entered into the picture. The thing that intrigues me is that in the world of friendship length does not equal depth.

Enter Caroline. The subject of this little post and the reason I know that length does not equal depth. I met this precious friend only 8 months ago. She was one of the bridesmaids in my best friend, Natalie's, wedding. I had heard about her for months, but it was instant chemistry when we met that day to try on bridesmaid dresses. She is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. She is totally full of life and exudes her love for her Heavenly Father in everything she says and does.

Caroline...Natalie (the one that made this friendship happen) and me enjoying fun times at the beach in our pjs

The relationship went to an even deeper level a few months later when we shared a room at the beach for a little girls' weekend. Nothing brings two girls together like a love for good pajamas and the sharing of dreams while drifting off to sleep. I was beyond sad when we had to part ways but just kept reminding myself that we would get to see each other in less than a month for the big wedding.

A 3 hour car ride and another shared room later and what I had known since that first time I saw her was confirmed. Friends for life. We've shared many laughs, tears, dreams, fears...a lot more than most people who have only known each other for 8 months and have never lived within 4 hours of one another would typically share.

Since the wedding she has graciously hosted me and my roomie in her home city of Nashville...rolling out the red carpet with a fabulous place to stay and a list of the best places to eat and sites to see.

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Caroline is one of my favorite threads in my friendship tapestry. The Lord...The Grand Weaver...knew exactly what He was doing when He wove Natalie and Caroline's threads together. I'm thankful for that...but I'm even more thankful that His plan also included weaving all of our threads together.
Well, today is Caroline's birthday. It actually worked out that I'm in Nashville for a few days, so I have gotten to celebrate with her...what a blessing. It has been fun celebrating her, but in true Caroline fashion she has totally helped to breathe life into my tired soul.

Dear Lord, thank you so much for your goodness. Thank you for your willingness to provide us with exactly what we need. Thank you for providing me with such a sweet friend in Caroline. Through watching her, I have learned how to be more generous. I have seen what it looks like when you live a life that is totally focused on You and on sharing Your love with others. Her life has provided me a wonderful example of what selflessness looks like. I ask that you would help me to never stop learning from her example. Today, on her birthday, Lord, I ask that you would rain down your blessings on her life by the bucket full. Hold nothing back...and then sit back and watch what she does to advance Your Kindgom.

Happy Happy Birthday, sweet Caroline! I love you more than an extra big hug could even begin to express. These past 8 months have been some of the best of my life. I've loved sharing them with you! I can't wait to see where life takes us!

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Anonymous said...

IM CRYING! My precious precious friend! oh how i love you! thankyou thankyou! you are so wonderful and such a dear best life long friend...we will indeed dance in each others weddings and Lord willing rock our babies together! I praise the Grand Weaver for the beauty of the thread of purpose in my life known as Lindsey Smith! May you know His love so much more deeply and basque in the goodness of His Grace! You are a gift and I so cherish and treasure you! LOVE YOU!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!! move to nashville?!!! k!!! LOVE mean the world and so did this post!!!!