Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nashville...CMA Festival Part 3

After getting up early and staying up late for a few days, we decided to take it a little easier on Saturday. We slept in and then relaxed at the hotel for he morning and made it over to the Riverfront a little after lunch so we could hear Emerson Drive. This turned out to be a good decision for many reasons. The band was excellent...and we ended up meeting some great friends. We shared sunscreen and a place to sit with Blake and Molly and then found ourselves chatting with them and going to dinner with them as well. Then we later found out that Blake had a little connection at Hard Rock Cafe' so we didn't have to wait in line...a blessing in the sweltering heat!

The lineup for the evening concert was a stacked one. Josh Turner, John Michael Carroll, Trace Adkins, Jamey Johnson, Lee Ann Womack, Wynonna and Naomi Judd and Martina McBride.

I'm a sucker for anything acoustic. John Michael Carroll did a little acoustic set and sang "Where I'm From." Being the small town girl that I am, that is one of my favorite songs of all time and he was incredible.

It only got better when the Judds came out. Pretty sure that I felt like I was at a big church revival when Wynonna sang "I Can Only Imagine" and I definitely had tears in my eyes when they lead the crowd in "Love Can Build A Bridge."

Then Martina closed out the night and I could hardly contain myself. Her vocals. Good golly. Incredible. I had forgotten how much I love Martina and could hardly wait to get home and purchase her new CD off iTunes. She sang the classics "Independence Day," "Anyway"and "This One's For The Girls" and then some of her new ones "Ride" and "I Just Call You Mine"---one day somebody will sing this to me! I've already purchased her newest CD, Shine. Go to iTunes. Buy it for$9.99. Totally worth it.

Just have to post a Martina video...I apologize in advance for the massive shaking. I was trying to enjoy the concert and video at the same time. I also apologize for the obnoxiously southern voice that you hear every now and then. What can I say...I am from south Alabama and my southern accent is exaggerated to the extreme when I am singing country music.

When we were in Nashville, the 4 days seemed to fly that I'm trying to write about them they seem to be taking FOREVER! Tomorrow will be the last little installment...definitely some great stuff.

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Douglasfam said...

this whole thing is just stinkin unbelievable!!! What a perfect and fun weekend!!!! You are super! see you tomorrow - bring your swimies!