Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Woship Across The Web

There are lots of things that I have grown to love about Atlanta...lots of things I will miss.

How thankful I am that only two weeks after I leave, the church I currently attend and absolutely LOVE will be starting to make it possible to watch their entire worship experience online. Not just the sermons...the worship too! Woohoo!

Does this replace the call we have as Christians to fellowship with one another? No. Does this mean that I won't be looking for a place to worship when I get to Birmingham? No.

Does it make me happy that I will be able to participate in the same worship that my friends in Atlanta are participating in? Yup. Sure does. Does it make me happy to tell you that you can too? Most definitely.

So...mark your calendar. August 16. North Point Online.

North Point Online Promo from John on Vimeo.

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