Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Home...The Garden Shop

I LOVE flowers. Pretty much always have. The only problem is I do NOT have a green thumb, so any attempts at growing them myself have been a flop...and my budget just doesn't have the wiggle room for "fresh flowers."

Sometimes I walk into my room and think...if I only had some flowers, this place would feel so much more homey. Well, I'm not saying that this week. The sweet families that I baby-sit for gave me two beautiful bouquets on Saturday. Please ignore the fact that I'm not a professional photographer...these pictures don't even begin to show the beauty that is these blooms. The spring mix has the most gorgeous colors and the hydrangeas....well, they are pretty much one of my favorite flowers of all time.

Then to top it all off...I won some flowers as part of a blog contest. I'm telling you, people...blogging is incredible. I stumbled across Jill's blog about a month ago and have enjoyed getting to know her and her family. Just last week, Jill was celebrating the milestone of 1 year of blogging and decided to give her readers a chance to win prizes. I couldn't believe I won! The flowers were delivered to me yesterday and are absolutely gorgeous. I decided to share the flower love with my roommates, so these are sitting downstairs. I can't wait to walk in after work today! That vase is jam packed full with some of the pretties summer colors you have ever seen.

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Anonymous said...

Those flowers are GORGEOUS!! I love fresh ones too, but my budget doesn't usually allow for such extravagances. I may have to make an exception, though =)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE flowers too! They truly can transform a dull room into a cozy and happy place! So glad you shared the pictures. :) (And I responded to your first post on my new blog.)