Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend in Review

Disclaimer: I just read through this post and realized it sounds pretty boring to the reader. It wasn't in the least bit boring though, guess my creative juices are all dried up. Sorry in advance. Feel free to skip the reading or today and come back tomorrow.

I am blessed to love my job so I don't find myself working for the weekends...but that doesn't mean that I don't absolutely love it when they come around.

This past week, I have been shedding more and more tears. I am thrilled to be moving. I know it's what I'm supposed to be doing, but it still bring a lot of sadness knowing that the "Atlanta" chapter of my life will soon be coming to an end. It seemed a little odd that I would make the drive over to Birmingham for the weekend with all of my Atlanta sadness, but I had been planning on going to Birmingham so that's what I did. Turns out, it was just what I needed!

I made it into Birmingham around 2:00 and had a few hours to by myself at my new house. I unloaded my car, (trying to take a load of stuff each time I drive over to make the big move more manageable) went for a walk around my new neighborhood and then met a friend for dinner. One interesting thing about this friend is that she is going to be leaving Birmingham in a few weeks moving to Atlanta. It was great to talk about moving with her and all of the things that we're going through. I was relieved to hear that I'm not the only one crying my eyes out even though I am happy about the future and know that it's the right thing.

I spent a nice relaxing evening at home on Friday and then stayed up into the wee hours of the morning talking to one of my new roomies. I went to bed incredible thankful.

Saturday morning was set aside to accomplish some chores. I had a bridesmaid's dress to get fitted for and some returns to make. Then I met up with my sisters, Cile and Kara to shop at The Summit. We didn't have much luck with the shopping so decided to use the money we had saved to get lunch at Cheesecake Factory instead.

The sisters left for the pool...I passed because I had already showered and didn't feel like having to shower again. That decision turned out to be a good one because it left me with a free afternoon to see some other family...grandmother, great aunt, aunts, uncle, cousins. One thing's for sure, when I move over to Birmingham next month family will be in abundance, and I'm excited about that.

Saturday night my new roomie and I went to Jim 'N Nicks for dinner. Best service EVER. We told the guy that we were in a hurry because we wanted to go see a movie and he had our check on the table before we got our food. He was so fast that we had more time to kill before the movie, or at least we thought we did. We made a quick run through Barnes and Noble and then headed over to get the tickets, only to find out right before we got to the front that it was sold out.

Back to the house we went to watch America's Junior Miss. We were wide awake after it was over though so decided to make our way over to the theatre for the late night showing of The Proposal. I'm so glad we did. The movie was great and we even ran into some people that we know.

Sunday was another great day. One of the things that I'm most looking forward to about moving to Birmingham is being able to walk to church. Yes, I said walk. The church is only a 5 minute walk from my house. Something about that just screams small town and I love it! I made the walk over and enjoyed a great morning worship service and good teaching and fellowship in the Sunday School class that I attended. Yes, you read that right. The church that I am attending has SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES! WOOHOO! I haven't been to Sunday School in so long because the church I currently attend doesn't have adult classes.

The day continued to get better after church because I got to help my best friend and her hubby move into their new place. Actually, I didn't do much moving because the majority of that was already done. One thing wasn't done...the closets. I had been looking forward to organizing that closet all weekend! I spent about 2 hours organizing Natalie's closet and loved every minute of it. The clothes are all hung facing the same direction and sorted by type and color. I don't know how long they will stay that way, but thankfully I will only be a short 15 minute drive away so I will able to reorganize as needed.

---Side note, if you need a closet organized, let me know. I would be happy to do it! My mom also likes to organize closets. I guess it's genetic.---

Other highlights to the time with Natalie and Scott included a trip to Wal-Mart for some organizational and kitchen essentials, cheering Scott on as he successfully installed new faucets in the kitchen and bathroom and partaking in a delicious dinner prepared by Natalie.

All of that made for a great weekend, but there was one other thing that happened to send it over the top.

I took a break in the middle of the closet organization to see a very special girl. My niece. I hadn't gotten the chance to see her or talk to her in over a month and let me tell you, I have missed that girl. I'm pretty sure she had been missing me too because the running leap and the squeal that came out of her mouth when I walked into the Panera were priceless. The meeting was brief because they had to get back on the road, but I will take brief over nothing any day! It also helps because I know that I'll get to see her on Friday for the big 4th of July celebration.

I got in late last night/early this morning. The weekend is officially over. Good thing I only have 4 days in the work week before the next one comes around

Another sad thing is that I don't have any pictures for this post. Not a single one. Not one of me with my new roomie...or one with my sisters...or one of the ROY G BIV closet...or one of my niece. Bummer.


Anonymous said...

LOL - it's nice to know that I'm not the only one that has a ROY G BIV closet thing going on =) I'm so excited about our move in the next few weeks and organizing my new closet!

Anonymous said...

Um, ok, so can you make a trip to Auburn after we move and help us organize our closets!?!?!? WE ARE HORRIBLE AT IT!!!

Lindsey said...

Adie...didn't know that you and Matt were moving to Auburn. You just let me know when you get there and I will come with my organizing skills!