Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nashville...CMA Festival Part 2

It's true that we didn't get in until 3AM, but that didn't mean that we would be sleeping the day away. Nope...not us. We had pancakes to eat! Last time we were in Nashville, we met Caroline at Pancake Pantry for a super yummy breakfast. One bite and it became our favorite so there was no question that we would be visiting there this time. Once again, the sweet potato pancakes did not disappoint...but this time I remembered to get the short stack so that I would be able to eat another meal later in the day! We met lots of fun people while we were waiting in line and eating. I think my favorites were the group of ladies from Boston. One of them was the Mom to a girl getting married next month...the other two were her Godmother and Aunt. They were so cute with their northern accents, matching shirts and cowboy hats.

After a yummy breakfast we decided to wander in some of the cute little shops in the area. We did our part to stimulate the Nashville economy..especially in Pangaea. Adorable shop! I got a much needed clutch to replace the one I've had for a few years that is on its last leg and also picked up a little engagement gift for a she just needs to get engaged!

Yummy food and shopping made us a little tired, so we took ourselves to the outdoor stage, spread our our blanket and took in the music. My personal favorite was Gabe Dixon Band. Love them. Loved getting an autograph and picture taken. Loved the free diet coke and hotdogs they gave out.

The concerts each night didn't start until about 8:00 so we had some free time after GDB finished up. We used that time to go on a boot hunt. My boots had been around for quite some time and were in need of replacement. We found a great deal on boots...Christen's great deal cost a lot more than mine, but nonetheless, we both got our boots for more than 50% off.

With about an hour to kill before we needed to make our way over to LP field, we decided to take our new boots over to Wildhorse Saloon....the home of the line dancing lessons. We shared an appetizer and enjoyed the music in the cool air before making the trek over the walking bridge with the other 50,000 folks for the concert.

It was a pretty packed group with Jason Aldean, Rodney Atkins, Luke Bryan, Lady A, Jake Owen Little Big Town and Zac Brown Band. Kidrock also made an appearance, but Christen and I were worn out after a second evening with some of the people in our section and didn't really care to hear Kidrock so we left early.

That brings me to the people in our section. goodness. To some extent, it was fun to sit with the same people each night. We got to know them...recognized them when we were out and about during the was fun.

My personal favorites were father/daughter/friend group from Connecticut that we lovingly called Connecticut that were sitting behind us. They made the trip down for the four days and soaked up every minute.

There was also a fun pair of sisters that sat beside from DC and the other from SC. They were about our age and were perfect concert friends.

Sadly, that pretty much ends the goodness from our section. Directly in front of us was a family plus some significant others....Mom, Dad, daughter/boyfriend, son/girlfriend. They were characters to say the least. About every other song they were getting up to take a family smoke break! When they were actually sitting in their seats, they hurt our ears with all of their obnoxious whistles. I seriously thought I was sitting behind the whistle club.

Finally...last but certainly not the best....we have Penny and crew. Actually, we don't know her name, but Christen and I lovingly named her Penny because upon meeting her she quickly told us that she has had pneumonia and wasn't feeling too good, but couldn't miss the CMA Festival because she has come every year. Penny, along with her mother and friend did their best to talk our ears off. Being the non-includer that I am, I was pretty good at tuning them out, but I also didn't want to be rude. We found out rather quickly that Penny had the inside track with quite a few people....her mom taught Blake Shelton, a friend knew Miranda Lambert. The good thing about all of that is Penny and posse were backstage on the last night so we were able to enjoy the concert in peace!

We got in bed at a reasonable hour on Friday....actually, I guess it was Saturday because it was around 1:00AM.

Half of our fabulous trip is over. :( But the last two days were pretty incredible! Part 3 tomorrow.

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Hi Lindsey,

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