Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WINNER! Day 2: Going Away Giveaways

I can't decide what I love most about these giveaways. Reading all of the comments or figuring out the winner. I love pressing the generator button on the site, seeing the number and counting through the comments to find the winner.

Well, I just pressed generate...the kind man at Starbucks agreed to be my witness...and the winner of the Strengths Finder 2.0 book is commenter #19...

Commenter #19....Sara! Oh how I laughed...literally laughed out loud when I counted through to the 19th commenter.

It's actually quite fitting that she won. Sara and I were interns together at Chick-fil-A and since we sat beside each other, we had no choice other than to be instant friends. She made my days happy with her choice of wardrobe and her humorous voicemails. Then my heart was sad when she moved to Athens to finish up her senior year...and my heart totally broke in half when she moved to Boston upon graduation. Thankfully, she is a wonderful tour guide and is always happy to have me visit. I can't wait for the leaves to change so I can make a trek up in a few months!

Wow...with all of that blog linkage I have going on, clearly you can see that she is one of my most fun friends. But, she's more than fun...she's incredible smart and says some of the most profound things. She has played an integral part in my life these past two years. If I could give away people, I would give away a weekend in Boston with Sara...she's that incredible. She also has a blog...but rarely updates it. She keeps telling me that she's going to, but no. Maybe if we all pester her together she'll get back to it again! Congratulations, buddy!

Two giveaways down...three to go! If you haven't registered for giveaway number 3, you have until NOON tomorrow!

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