Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Birthdays are overrated...

I'm not a big fan of birthdays. Instead, I choose to celebrate half birthdays. They are fun because it's still a day about you, but you don't have to get any older! Since my buddy Sholcomb is always up for a fun evening, she cooperated and let me take her out for her half birthday. Time spent with her is always loads of fun and she definitely did not disappoint tonight. Sara is ridiculously cool and I love her for so many reasons. If you don't know Sholcomb, you should get to know her. Until then, here's a brief bio.

  • She is allergic to metal. This can be a problem if there is any metal on clothing or if you are asked to wear a metal nametag.

  • If you want a salad, Sholcomb is your gal. She DOMINATES the salad bar!

  • Even after 2 years, she still thinks she is a camp counselor, and continues to wear Chacos all the time.

  • Her favorite item of clothing is a white cami. If you can find her a "half cami" she'll be your friend forever.

  • She has an obsession with a guy named Bruce. The love runs so deep that she often pretends to be him.

  • Excel is her favorite Microsoft Office program. She loves spreadsheets!

So many reasons to love Sholcomb. The only problem is that she keeps telling me that she is moving to Boston at the end of this month. Good thing Airtran flies non-stop to Boston for less than $100!

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