Saturday, July 5, 2008

To America...

Why do you love America? That question was posed by someone last night and our group came up with quite a few reasons: Michael Jordan, Punky Brewster, scrunchies, cotton candy, George Washington, The Olympics (not totally ours...but we figure since we're the melting pot we can claim it), Kevin Costner, peach cobbler, The Peachtree, checks and balances, Thanksgiving, Lousiana Purchase, The Flag, Francis Scott Key...the game went on for 3 hours. So, I'm fairly certain that we named everyone and everything that ever had anything to do with America. It was great!

After playing "Why Do You Love America" it was time to pile into a few cars to see the fireworks. Now when I say pile, thats what I mean. I think there were at least 15 people in one of the trucks! We managed to get a really good place to sit...front row for the fireworks and the burning bush! Yes, I said the burning bush. It was a bit scary, but no one was harmed...and I got a picture! The show was definitely the best fireworks display I've seen. One person from the group even commented that it was better than the show he had seen at the Washington Mall last year. Way to go Atlanta!

All I all, I couldn't have asked for a better's to wishing that next month they'll let us have the day off to celebrate the 4th of August!

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