Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Prepare for takeoff...

I wouldn't call myself a seasoned business traveler, but over the past year I've lost my "rookie" title. However, none of those flights prepared me for the "fun" I encountered last night.

We arrived at the Raleigh airport around 3:30 and decided to see if we could get on an earlier flight. One was available, but there weren't enough seats for everyone. No worries, our original flight was set for 5:30 so we would still be home by 7:45.

We proceeded to the gate for our 5:30 flight and boarded. Thirty minutes later, we were back at the gate due to severe weather.

Everyone knows that the third time's a charm. So, for the second time of the night, we boarded a plane. As I settled in my seat and prepared for takeoff, the pilot came over the speaker informing us of an engine failure. He said the back-up was still good, we just needed to wait for the maintenance crew to sign off on it. A few minutes after they appeared, the smell of something burning began to overtake the cabin and the power went off. We were instructed to leave the plane immediately. Apparently, the plane had gotten struck by lightening.

Never fear, another flight was set to leave out at 10:15. I boarded, hoping for the best, but still not expecting much. At 12:01, the wheels touched down in Atlanta. Gotta love business travel.

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