Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gameday...or something like that

I had been looking forward to last Saturday for months. Alabama vs Mississippi State. Friends would be coming in from all over. Some to cheer for the Tide...some the Dogs...and others as neutral bystanders to enjoy Tuscaloosa in all it's glory. I went to bed Friday night with much anticipation of the day that I was sure I would remember for quite some time.

The day did in fact provide me with memories, but sadly not ones that I was thinking. I woke up Saturday morning feeling a little under the weather. A bit nauseous, but missing a day of tailgating and cheering on my team were too much to bear, so I poured myself some gatorade and began the drive to Tuscaloosa.

Sadly, I didn't get better on the trip down...I started feeling worse...so my afternoon of tailgating was reduced to a single picture with some friends.

My afternoon and evening were spent napping and casually watching games. Not even a cheer. Despite the big win for my team, I was just too weak to even clap.

Yes, November 13 is definitely a day to remember...but sadly, not for the reasons that I had originally hoped.

Many thanks to this cutie for risking her room being invaded by the germies and letting me crash. I probably would have died on the quad had it not been for you, Jules!

And many thanks to Caitlin for swinging by to keep me company during the final minutes!

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Meredith said...

So sorry you were sick! Glad I got to see you...even if it was brief. :)