Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm going to risk a little embarassment...

or a LOT of embarrassment...and tell the bloggy world that sometimes I play pretend. Yes, I am 24 years old...but I am a firm believer that pretending is good for brain, and the soul for that matter!

You see, most of the time when I play pretend, it is because I'm thinking of what my life will be like...10 years, 5 years, next year, next day...doesn't matter. Other times, I find myself reliving my past and occasionally playing pretend so that I can what actually happened.

I recently drove by a house with some cute little girls out front selling Girl Scout cookies. Under any normal circumstance, I would pull over and buy a box or know contribute to the cause. :) But, since I knew I had a bridesmaid's dress that needed to be zipped at the end of the month, I passed them by. To be honest, while there is a pretty black dress that I need to fit into in less than two weeks, the fact that I had no cash or checks on me is what really kept me from purchasing.

Anyway...all that to say GS cookies...and just Girl Scouting in general have been on my mind recently. I always wanted to be a Girl Scout, but I was never was. My older sister was. My younger sister was. I wasn't. It's ok, Mom and Dad...I'm over the fact that I wasn't a Girl Scout.

What's funny is that I don't think I ever really cared to sell the cookies or do the crafts and activities. I just wanted to be able to wear my uniform to school with all of my colorful badges. I just wanted to be able to walk across the street with all of my fellow Scouters to the little troop hut after school.

When I was home earlier this year, I saw the hut. I took a picture. I pretended that I used to wear the uniform with all of the colorful badges. I pretended I was a Girl Scout.

Well...guess what. I've found out a way that I can take my pretending one step further. I have been doing a lot of cleaning in the past few days and I recently came across some recipes for Girl Scout cookies. No, they aren't THE recipes, but they are pretty durn good. I love to bake and want to bake some of these again, but I've got there's the matter of that little bridesmaid's dress...and if I do any baking and eating, the dress will definitely be too little.

Here's where you come in. What's your favorite kind of GS cookie? If it's one that I have the recipe for, I would be most delighted to bake them and send them your way. And yes...I will be playing pretend while I make them. For the record, I will probably be pretending that I am baking for my kid's bake sale! Yes, I am aware that I am not married nor do I have any kids. The joy of pretending!


Jennifer said...

If you have the Tagalong recipe please please please send it my way! I can imagine that they're pretty hard to make but I'd love to try!

Have a good day!

Oh, and I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who had to bypass Girl Scout cookies due to lack of cash or checkbook on me. That happened to me on Saturday too and I was so disappointed!

The Creightons said...

I love your stories Lindsey. Feel free to send us any cookies you make. lol My Cole is a cookie man, course I guess all little boys are, right?

courtney said...

i'll be happy to contribute to the cause of pretending. it's a toss-up between tagalong and thin mint. either soothe the soul ... and i only have elastic pants to wear for the next 6 weeks. :-)

*christen said...

bahahhaha! I love that you just confessed to blogville! can't wait to catch up with you!