Monday, May 12, 2008

What a difference a year can make...

In the past year, I've gotten a job, moved to another state, met the most fabulous friends, traveled to 6 new states, joined a small group and started teaching a Sunday School class (9th grade girls). Life has been busy, but it's been GREAT!

On this day one year ago, I graduated from college. Well, I at least put on the robe and walked around campus taking pictures with my friends. I wasn't up for sitting throught 3 hours of a graduation ceremony, so I opted to save some time and money and just have them mail my diploma to me! Most people that know me find this rather suprising due to the fact that I am so sentimental...but that's how I wanted it, and I still don't have any regrets about it.

So, in honor of my graduation one year ago--even if I didn't do the whole walk across the stage thing, I still graduated--here's a little "ode to college" album with lots of random pictures. Hope you enjoy.

The Capstone--Heaven on Earth!

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Douglasfam said...

love the pics. however, there is a little too much crimson for me! Sorry!!! Youre the coolest! See you monday!