Friday, January 6, 2012

God is Faithful

Earlier this week, I took a group of girls from Birmingham to Atlanta for Passion.  I had been looking forward to it and praying over the time we would have there for months. After attending Passion previously, I expected God to show up in big ways.  He most certainly did.  What I didn't expect was what happened on the drive over.  

We were driving along...laughing lots and singing at the top of our lungs...and then we topped the hill and I caught my first view of the Atlanta skyline.  My throat tightened up and my eyes welled with tears.  In my two years of living in Atlanta, I had made the drive from Birmingham more times than I could count.  Since I've moved, I've made the drive a handful of times each year.  Yes, I have gotten teary before...but this was different.  

When I left Atlanta in 2009, I cried almost the entire way to Birmingham.  Atlanta was so good to me.  The people especially.  I had friends that loved me for me.  Bosses and coworkers that wanted nothing more than to help me grow as a person.  Families and children that I loved and that loved me back.  High school girls that I connected with.  A pastor that had helped me grow in my spiritual walk more than any other pastor had before.  Atlanta had been so good...I didn't want to leave.  I knew Birmingham couldn't be anything like it.  

I was reminded of all of that as I drove a car load full of high school senior girls from Birmingham into my home of Atlanta.  God is faithful.  He knew my heart.  He knew my longings.  He knew that as wonderful as Atlanta was for me, Birmingham could be even better.  In Birmingham, I have been blessed with yet another wonderful roommate that loves me for me, holds me accountable and encourages me to have fun.  In Birmingham, the list of families that have welcomed me into their home with open arms seems to lengthen with each passing year.  In Birmingham, I have been blessed with a group of high school girls that would blow you away.  I'm currently in the state of denial that they are graduating in May and moving away.  In Birmingham, I have found a church that I can grow in, fellowship in and serve in.  

His plans may not always be my plans...but I can always trust his plans.  I can do that because I know without a doubt, when I'm dreaming big dreams...He is dreaming bigger ones.  God is faithful.  Even in the smallest of things.  I'm so thankful for that.  

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