Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Road to 14


I spent the past few days in New Orleans.  To say I had a wonderful time would be an understatement.  While I have been to New Orleans many times in the past, this trip was no ordinary trip.  Instead of going to shop on Magazine and Royal streets and eat the yummy beignets from Café Du Monde…though I did all of those things…I went to cheer my team as they competed for their 14th National Title in College Football. 

The days were filled with lots of walking, shopping and yummy meals, and of course the game…but the best part was by far the time spent with family.  There were so many times over the course of the trip that I thought to myself “I am so blessed.”  Whether I was sitting amongst family and friends eating late night beignets or cheering amongst family and fans in support of the Alabama Crimson Tide, I got to experience something this week that many can only dream to experience.  The thing is, I got to experience it not because of who I am…but because of whose I am.  I got to experience so many wonderful things because I am blessed with grandparents, parents and aunts and uncles that take great delight in showering me with goodness.  They were the perfect reminder of how Jesus delights in showering his children with gifts.  With each thing that I undeservingly was given…nice meals, souvenirs, game ticket…I was reminded how much God truly loves us. 

Bet you weren’t thinking you were going to get a “God analogy” in the football post, huh?  Probably not…but it’s so true. 

So, thanks for the undeserved blessings, family…and thanks for the win, Bama!


January 2012—All smiles with my Mom after the big win.  ROLL TIDE!!  14th Title


January 2010—Celebrating the 13th National Championship in Pasadena.  13th Title

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January 1993—In New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl for my first National Championship experience.  12th Title

I’ve been through enough great Alabama seasons and not so great ones (AKA…college) to know that life doesn’t revolve around football. Whether we had won the game or lost it, the sun still would have shown the next day…but I sure do love it when we are doing winning!


Tony and Sarah said...


I love this post. How truly blessed you are to be placed in the family you were given. It pleases His heart to know that you appreciate His gifts.

You are a gift to me and DYP! Miss you!

Mrs. Jones said...

What precious pictures! We are blessed beyond measure - and what an experience New Orleans was! Only thing that would have been more fun was getting to see you! On to gymnastics season!

Robyn Buxton said...


courtney defeo said...

i can hardly post on this bc i love auburn so -but you are so stink in cute in that old photo with your mom. how fun. miss you!