Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fall Recap

Before my most recent post, it seemed that I settled in for a long fall nap.  While I wasn’t blogging…I was most certainly not just sitting around doing nothing. 

The remainder of October and the months of November and December were jam packed for me.  Most of the time was spent with my head in books.  I found my little spot in the school library…and when they kicked me out of there, I found that the Waffle House was a suitable substitute for late night studying. 

I most certainly never perfected a balance among school, my family, my friends and daily tasks…but I did find a little time to just relax and have a good time.  Here are some pictures of some of the highlights.  Maybe I’ll be better in 2012 at actually blogging as the memories happen…but I’m not making any promises. 


I spent many a Saturday in Tuscaloosa cheering on my favorite team…and got fabulous seats at many a game thanks to this sweet friend and her family!


I loved every minute of the MBHS fall show…especially since I got to watch one of my favorites perform.



I spent every Friday night cheering on the Mountain Brook Spartans…and definitely cried like I had actually attended the school when they beat Hoover. 


My roommate and I had our Sunday School class over for a Halloween pumpkin carving party extravaganza. 


I missed my first class ever so that I could see these sweet senior girls in their final homecoming pep rally and parade.  Totally worth it.  I’m currently in denial that they are going to be graduating and leaving me in a few months.


I attempted to throw my roommate a birthday party on Halloween night.  Seeing that she is Ms. Martha Stewart…it paled in comparison to any party she would throw, but we still had fun.


We had a visit from these sweet kids that we baby-sit for…by far our favorite trick or treaters! 


I attended more Alabama football games with friends


I celebrated my cousin’s 18th birthday…Lumberjack theme, anyone?!?!


I was reunited with two of my all-time favorite families in Atlanta.

It was a full fall.  I finished my first semester of Divinity School…sometimes fighting with the Lord…but I did it.  I found a way to juggle full-time school and practically full-time work. I was fed spiritually by some of the best Sunday School teachers I have ever had.  I focused lots of my free time on my sweet high school senior girls and though it meant lots of things had to fall to the wayside, I know it was worth it.  I formed new friendships…and rekindled some old ones that I had missed so much.

Through it all…God was faithful.

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Mrs. Jones said...

What a beautiful year and even more beautiful pictures! Roll Tide sweet friend!