Monday, January 30, 2012

The Perfect Break

On December 13, I finished my last final of my first semester of Divinity School. I packed up my things and left the building that I had spent so many hours of the previous 16 weeks and haven’t been back since.  Well, after 7 weeks of a much needed break, the time has come to load my backpack up with books and my body up with coffee.  While the break has not been void of all things school…I’ve read and outlined the New Testament and have tried to get ahead for my Greek and Reformation classes, for the most part I have used the time to reflect and refresh, and it has been so good.

I wish I had done a better job of describing the moments as they happened, because there really have been some incredible ones.  For those of you that know me well, you won’t be surprised to know that many of my favorite memories involve high-schoolers.  I know it’s probably weird to some most, but for whatever reason, that’s just how God wired me.  I’ve loved being able to immerse myself in their worlds over the break.  There were birthday parties and basketball games, a trip to Atlanta for Passion and a fancy ball, more basketball games, Disciple Now with the church, and then lots of walks, spend the night parties, lunches and coffee dates thrown in the mix.  I was reminded with each activity and conversation that God has me in school for a reason…and they are it.  While it can be difficult at times…or pretty much all the time…in the end, I will come away better equipped to teach the next generation…and that is exactly what I want.

Sorry for the picture overload…that’s what happens when I don’t really document much.




My fabulous cousin, Allison, turned the big 1-8.  Her friends wanted to throw her a party, so she asked that it be a lumberjack theme.  By far, one of the most fun parties I have ever attended. 







Got to take this fun group of girls to Atlanta for Passion.  Such a blessing!!


One of these days, I’m gong to figure out how many Disciple Now weekends I have participated in over the years.  While I don’t know the exact number off hand, I do know it’s in the double digits..and this group of seniors is as good as it gets.  Thankful every day that God saw fit for my first “group” of Dawson students to be these kids.  Love them oh so much!








Nothing like seeing my sweet girls all dressed up to get the tears flowing. This senior year has been so fun, I think we should just delay college and do it all over again next year!!



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