Monday, October 10, 2011

Lil Light O' Mine

I will never forget the first time I walked into the door of the DeFeo home.  A sweet mom greeted me at the door and a little girl, not even a year old, with a head full of curls looked up at me.    It was love.  Instant love.  That was September 2007.  Over 4 years have passed since then.  In that four years, I've watched Courtney love on her children and the children of others.  I've seen her fill my heart and the hearts of others with encouragement, love and biblical truths.

It is with great excitement that I get to share with you the news that the same mom that I met almost 4 years ago has started her own company, and it is launching TODAY.  Lil Light O' Mine was "created to empower moms and change little lives" and I have no doubt that it will do that and so much more!

The website is incredible.  The facebook and twitter pages will encourage you.

I'm not a mom, but with as much baby-sitting as I do, I know a good thing for moms and kids when I see it, and let me tell you...this is a VERY good thing.

I've got ABC scripture cards on the way to my house as I type and I can hardly wait to have them in my hands...and then to give them to some of "my" families.

Sweet Courtney...I'm so sorry for breaking down when I called today.  I really was trying my best to keep it together, but my excitement just had a way of coming through in tears.  I'm so excited for you.  Thank you for your willingness to step out into the unknown and allow the Lord to use you.  I can hardly wait to see all that he accomplishes through you and this company!!


Courtney said...

sweet linds. what you don't know - is you taught ME so much about parenting and loving my kids. you are so wise and such a jewel. i cherish our talks and you are one of my biggest cheerleaders. thank you thank you!!!

Tony and Sarah said...

Lindsey - what a blessing you are to so many people. You are honest, encouraging, and spread your joy wherever you go. Thanks for sharing this lil light of mine with the blog and facebook world. I am planning on ordering a set of the ABC cards for my kiddos!