Friday, January 7, 2011

Yet Another Week In Review

Since I work with college students, I typically get the same "holidays" as they do. I mean, I still have to work during December...but the work is totally different because I'm not driving to campus to meet with clients. My schools get cranked up for the spring semester next week, so I used this week to do get prepared...and do some things that I won't have as much time for when school starts and I'm traveling a few days each week.

At the end of last week, I got a call from someone that I baby-sit for. One of her dear friends fosters children and she had just gotten twins placed with her....8 week old twins to be exact...and she wanted to see if I could come and help out some during the day. It didn't take must time at all for me to agree to that. The mom works from home, so it was pretty much the perfect set up. We worked, fed babies, worked, rocked babies, worked, changed diapers. At the end of the day I felt so accomplished.

Since I was tied up with babies on Monday, I spent most of Tuesday at the house. Cleaning, laundry, organizing. I was exhausted by that evening, but had to push through because I had plans to go to go to a high school basketball game with my family that evening. I absolutely love watching high school basketball...especially when the place is packed out, and it definitely was that night.

On Wednesday I packed up my work things again and was off to spend the morning with my best friend, Natalie and her precious little girl. I couldn't get over how much little C had grown since I had seen her before Christmas! This picture of her eating her snack just cracks me up!

I love spending time with Natalie because we're both able to do our own thing---for some reason, it was a pretty busy day for me work wise, and she went to town with her new embroidery machine. There was nothing super spectacular about the morning, but I think that's why I liked it so much. There is just such an ease to our friendship that even when we are just casually hanging out, it makes for a great day.

The day just kept getting better when I met Lacey for dinner that evening. I was introduced to Lacey when I first started my job. She was..and still college intern at Auburn. She is the best intern ever and has become a dear friend, too. We enjoyed a relaxing 2.5 hour dinner, definitely one of the last groups to leave. I'll be a sad girl when she finishes up her grad school program and I have to find another intern, but hopefully she'll be packing up and moving to Birmingham so we can still have our dinner dates!

Thursday I headed back to take care of the twins in the morning, and then joined my favorite O'Henry's working buddy, Megan, for a few hours of work and catching up. The holidays have really gotten us off of our schedule, so we had lots of catch up on this time! I finished up the evening with my family, doing one of my favorite things...calling out anatomy and Spanish. No, really...I love it.

Now it's Friday. I had planned for this to be a relaxing day, but then I realized just how many errands that I needed to get taken care of. I spent most of my morning running all over Birmingham, but I finally got everything that has been on my list accomplished, so I can enter the weekend with nothing to do! YES!

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